What Is A Baguette Cut Diamond?

What Is A Baguette Cut Diamond?

Baguette-cut diamonds are a classic and elegant style of shape and cut. They are known for their modest beauty and do not have the intense sparkle and brightness of more brilliant cuts. However, that doesn't make baguette diamonds any less elegant. They are simply not designed to reflect and refract light the way that other styles do. Like other step cuts, baguettes are intended to create a very specific visual effect that you don't see in brilliant cuts. 

Characteristics Of Baguette Diamonds

Baguette, emerald, and carre cuts all belong to the family of step-cut diamonds. All step-cut diamonds feature square or rectangular facets that are arranged in parallel lines to create evenly graduated steps. These steps are typically much larger than the facets of more brilliant cut diamonds, because they are not designed to create as much brilliance or sparkle. Instead, the design of a baguette cut diamond is intended to create the mesmerizing illusion of an endless hall of mirrors. 

The History of the Baguette Cut

The baguette style of diamond reached the height of its popularity during the Art Deco era of the 1920s, when symmetrical, angular lines were in fashion, not just in jewelry, but also in clothing and even architecture. The iconic baguette cut is a timeless style that has recently come back into vogue. Baguette diamonds are more commonly used as diamond accents than as center stones when it comes to engagement rings. They are less showy, relatively small, and enhance the beauty of a brilliant center stone.

Aside from engagement rings, a ring featuring an impeccably cut and polished baguette center stone will add variety to any jewelry collection. They are also much cheaper than many other diamond styles and make perfect gifts for anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Christmas, or any special occasion. Just because they aren't the most brilliant style doesn't mean they aren't show-stoppingly beautiful.

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