What Is A Diamond Accent Ring?

What Is A Diamond Accent Ring?

Designers have distinctive ways to make a piece of diamond jewelry stand out, from adding a pop of color to the stone to creating an inimitable and delicate cut with filigree. But nothing makes a diamond gemstone sparkle and shine more than diamond accents. So, what exactly is a diamond accent ring? Read on to find out.

What Are Diamond Accents?

Diamond accents or accent diamonds are small diamond gems placed alongside the center stone. They are largely used to complement a large diamond or other gemstone, intending to augment the beauty and the brilliance of the stone. Besides, diamond accents play a critical role in adding individuality and personality to the ring.

Accents are real diamonds and are available in different sizes based on the setting and the size of the center stone. Generally, diamond accents are relatively smaller than the main diamond, weighing between 0.01 and 0.20 carats. Since they are similar to all diamonds, diamond accents have color, cut, clarity, as well as carat weight grades.

Types Of Diamond Accents

Diamond accents are available in various types, depending on their cut and shape. These are:

  • Baguette accent diamonds: These are step-cut accent diamonds with rectangular shapes, although tapered baguette diamonds are rectangular-shaped with longer sides that become narrower towards the bottom. They are used as side stones on each side of the main stone, featuring 14 facets.
  • Marquise accent diamonds: These are oval-shaped diamonds featuring curved sides with sharp edges at the bottom and top. They are used as side stones since their matchless shapes make them more versatile, creating a stunning and one-off chevron pattern.
  • Trillion accent diamonds: These are triangular-shaped accents with a similar cut to radiant diamonds, creating an intense sparkle. They are ideal for a three-stone setting, making them a perfect pair with round brilliant, radiant and oval diamonds.
  • Round accent diamonds: These are simple, but absolutely stunning diamond accents, featuring a classic shape that pairs beautifully with any diamond shape. They can be used as side stones, channel settings, or in pave or to create a halo setting that surrounds a large diamond.

How To Choose Diamond Accents For Your Jewelry

Choosing the perfect accent can convert a simple piece of jewelry into an alluring showstopper. When choosing diamond accents for your jewelry, here are some tips to consider:

  • Select the right size: Choose accents no larger than 15% of the main stone's size.
  • Match the diamonds: Consider diamond accents that are of similar size, color, clarity, and shape to make them blend readily.
  • Take risks: Since it is not necessary to match the shape of the large stone to your accent diamonds, take risks by pairing assorted shapes to design a piece of unique and beautiful jewelry.

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