Will Rose Gold Fade?

Will Rose Gold Fade?

Rose gold is a beautiful and unique version of gold that attracts customers' attention in the consumer market. It is a very precious metal primarily made of pure gold, combined with silver and copper alloys. The alloys give this jewel an attractive, unique, feminine, fashionable, and beautiful pinkish (rosy) color and increase its durability and strength. It is found in various forms, such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and wedding rings.

Can Rose Gold Tarnish?

Tarnishing refers to a chemical process by which metals combine with chemicals in the air to form a new compound with a different color (rust). It reduces the quality of the metal as it leaves an unattractive or dirty appearance on its surface.

Although rose gold is a perfect new version of gold on the market, most people are worried that this gold jewel could easily change its color. Surprisingly, this gorgeous metal can never tarnish. Tarnishing occurs to jewelry made from primary metals that are impure or of low quality. Since rose gold is made from pure gold mixed with pure metal alloys of copper and silver that never tarnish, we are assured that rose gold is high-quality jewelry that cannot rust. 

Can The Color Of Rose Gold Change?

Although we are confident that the rose gold can never rust or tarnish, this unique gold becomes slightly reddish when used consistently for an extended period. The color change is gradual and can take a lot of years before the moderate color change begins. Unlike other versions of gold coated with rhodium which requires frequent re-coating, rose gold does not need re-coating to maintain its beautiful, attractive, and lustrous appearance. It only requires regular cleaning and polishing to remain beautiful.

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