Why More Proposals Happen in December

Why More Proposals Happen in December

Think of the most romantic days of the year. Valentine’s Day has to be high on the list. Maybe a warm summer night under the stars, or a brisk fall walk through the apple orchards. Or, that REALLY special day — your birthday!

The week of December 19th might not have been on your list of romantic days, but, historically, the week before Christmas tends to be one of the most popular times to get down on one knee and pop the question. Why is that? We decided to take a look at why December proposals are so popular.

You’re Surrounded by Friends and Family

Whether you’re visiting or hosting, people tend to come together with their friends and family in the weeks around the winter holidays. Since family and friends are the people you want to share the big news with the most, it makes sense to announce the engagement in front of all of them.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

The Christmas season is romantic — especially if you have a special someone to spend it with! There are lights on all the trees downtown, people are in a cheerful, giving mood, and if you’re lucky, you might even get a beautiful blanket of snow to lighten things up.

In short, you couldn’t ask for a better mood to be set for your big moment. In fact, the wedding website The Knot, on their “How He Asked” page, has five whole pages dedicated to Christmas proposals.

One man popped the question at a Christmas tree farm, surrounded by twinkling lights. Another took his girlfriend for a walk downtown, where he had spelled out “will you marry me” in lights in the windows of a building. Some grooms-to-be have popped the question under the guise of a photoshoot for a holiday card, or hung the ring on the tree while decorating.

Whatever your idea, the Christmas season is a great time to show off some creativity.

The Perfect Ring for the Perfect Fiancée

Despite what romantic comedies show you, most people don’t walk into a jewelry store and walk out an hour later with the ring of their dreams. Usually, it takes quite a bit longer to choose the ring that you want to be holding when you ask the most important question of your life!

One of the hardest parts of choosing a ring is finding one that fits the exact vision you had in mind. Maybe you like the stone on one ring, but you pictured it in rose gold. Maybe you like the band on another, but you wish it had a three-stone setting. Maybe you want a classic solitaire ring, but it’s out of your budget.

That’s where acredo comes in. Whether you design a ring through one of our virtual design sessions or in person in our showroom, you’ll be able to pick every single element of your ring to create a piece that’s truly unique. Here’s how it works:

You’ll pick out the rings that inspire you. Whether it’s from our gallery of images or the hundreds of rings in every style that we carry in the store, find the rings that look the best to you. None of them needs to be exact — the idea is just to get your creativity flowing.

When you start with a given ring, we’ll use the computer to pull up a detailed 3D model of that ring. You can rotate the ring, zoom in and out, and examine every little detail you want to see.

From there, you can add in elements from the rest of the rings that caught your eye. You can customize everything about your ring, from different profiles to the shape of the diamonds to the color and material of the band.

At our showroom, you can try on one of the many samples that we carry to find the size and shape of ring that perfectly fits your hand.

The last step before you order, is to decide on engraving. Depending on the width of the band, we can engrave the date of your proposal or the date of your wedding. Add a picture of the skyline of the city where you met, a fingerprint, or even a special message in your own handwriting. The possibilities are endless!

When you decide to create your own ring, get in touch! We’ll work with your personal style and your budget to ensure that you end up with the ring of your dreams.