Why Is Rose Gold Pink?

Why Is Rose Gold Pink?

Brides and fashionistas shopping for gorgeous jewelry love having options when it comes to color combinations. That's why rose gold is an excellent choice when customizing or selecting a truly gorgeous engagement ring. Unlike traditional yellow gold or silver options like white gold and platinum, rose gold offers a warm hued metal that doesn't skimp on value. Have you ever wondered what gives rose gold its signature color? 

Where Does Rose Gold Get It’s Pink Color From? 

The truth is rose gold gets its pink coloring from copper. When copper and other alloys like silver are mixed with pure gold, the resulting combination is not only a stronger metal, but a slightly different surface color. The most common metal blend for rose gold is a makeup of 75% pure gold and 25% copper, which results in an 18k gold rose gold base. Different percentages of copper and silver will yield varying degrees of rose color. In general, the higher the percentage of copper in the mix, the stronger the pink color will be.

Does Rose Gold Get More Pink Over Time?

The highest possible gold purity that can be achieved in rose gold is 22K, and it is known as crown gold. No matter rose gold's composition, you don't have to worry about your rose gold engagement ring becoming tarnished. What you may notice is a deepening of the rose gold color over time as the copper within naturally earns the kind of rich patina you often see in antique jewelry. 

Types Of Jewelry That Complement Rose Gold 

The classic look of wearing all rose gold jewelry will never go out of fashion, although many people prefer to pair rose gold with a complimentary metal like white gold or silver. Jewelry designers have also made stunning works of art that feature all three gold colors, yellow, white, and pink woven together. Ultimately, wearing rose gold jewelry is an individual choice that should reflect your personal style.

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