Who Pays For Mens Wedding Band?

Who Pays For Mens Wedding Band?

When thinking about wedding rings, the focus typically tends to go straight to the bride’s ring, but who pays for men’s wedding rings? Recently, the answer to this question varies. It really depends on the couple to decide who pays for mens wedding band. When deciding who will pay for the rings, there are really three main schools of thought. 

  • Pre World War II, when men did not traditionally always wear wedding bands and would pay for both if they decided to wear a ring. 
  • Post World War II, when men began wearing wedding bands every day. 
  • Modern times where it really depends on the couple. 

Pre World War II Tradition  

According to the BBC, traditionally, specifically before World War II, men in America would take care of both the bride and groom’s rings if the groom made the choice to wear one. 

Apparently it was not commonplace for men to wear a wedding band. This changed during the war as a token of memorabilia for the soldiers while they were away overseas. History states that a very large number of American men went overseas during World War II. 

As trends have a way of rippling across many cultures, this was the case for wedding bands. Where it previously was not a trend prior to 1940, it became one after for men to wear wedding bands as well. 

Post World War II Tradition

Once men began wearing wedding bands on a regular basis, a new tradition of the bride and groom paying for each other’s wedding bands became more prevalent. With the new tradition, the bride, with or without help from her family, would pay for the groom’s ring. This is a rather outdated tradition though as it assumes there is only a bride and groom involved in marriage. 

Today those who follow this line of thought express it as each half of the couple pays for their significant other’s band.  

Modern Wedding Band Traditions

When it comes to who foots the bill, well that just depends on the couple nowadays. For some, the bride pays for the groom and the groom pays for the brides. Some couples split the total cost, and some keep to tradition where the groom would take care of both. There are no doubt instances in which the bride pays for both. 

Everyone’s financial situations are different, so don't feel obligated to follow any particular guidelines or etiquette for who is “supposed” to pay for what. This is your big day and a special moment between you and your partner, focus on what is best for you both!

Where To Buy A Men’s Wedding Band

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