What Is The Biggest Carat Diamond Ring?

What Is The Biggest Carat Diamond Ring?

Not all diamonds are perfect, meaning flawless, nor are they large. While the largest diamond rings tend to be owned by royalty and celebrities, the flawless ones go to companies and millionaires.

The Biggest Carat Diamond Ring
The 68-carat diamond owned by Burton/Taylor has its history and Wikipedia page. The white diamond became too heavy for Elizabeth Taylor to wear, and so it was made into a necklace. This puts it out of the running as the biggest and flawless carat diamond ring.

The Biggest Carat Diamond vs. The Flawless Carat Diamond
Most of the larger white diamond rings, when you are looking at only size, not clarity or without flaws, tend to cost less than a smaller carat, flawless diamonds. One would think that white diamonds are perfection. In reality, it is the pink or the rarest of rare, blue diamonds that tend to be the best clarity and cost the most.

The Pink Star, 59.60-Carat Pink Diamond Ring
This ring is the biggest “Internally Flawless Fancy Vivid” diamond, the largest ever to be graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). It was cut from a 132.5-carat diamond piece from the De Beers mine in Africa in 1999. It took over two years to clean up. Of all the fancy-colored diamonds, the “Fancy Vivid” is the most prized. The vivid pink’s depth of color is extremely rare. It sold for $71.2 million at auction.

The Biggest White 150 Carat All Diamond Ring
Shawish Jewelers of Switzerland, in 2012, showcased the largest all diamond ring. There is no metal in this ring. CEO Mohamed Shawish created it from a single stone and used diamond cutting techniques along with laser cutters. They had to get a copyright on the design and purchase a special laser to cut the diamond. The laser-cut the perfect circle for the band. The largest carat diamond ring took over a year to create. It is worth $70 million. There was no mention of clarity, but this has to be the biggest-carat diamond ring of all time.