What Is Rose Gold?

What Is Rose Gold?

One of the most beautiful bands for engagement and wedding rings is a rose gold selection. Rose gold (also known as pink gold or red gold) exudes a timeless sense of romance and sophistication. Yet, many do not know what rose gold is or the various benefits in choosing this precious metal.  Let's take a look at the reasons why rose gold is a must when choosing a luxurious jewelry piece!

What Is Rose Gold?

Rose gold is a 24 karat gold that is delicately mixed with copper and silver to give it a good base for creating a jewelry piece. By itself, 24 karat yellow gold is too soft to be used in everyday jewelry. By adding an alloy, the ring is made suitable for daily wear. The degree of color in a rose gold piece is determined by the ratio of yellow gold to alloy mix. For example, an 18 karat gold ring has a less rose gold color than a 14 karat ring, due to the 18 karat ring having slightly less copper and silver than the 14 karat ring.

What Are The Benefits In Choosing Rose Gold?

It Doesn't Tarnish.

Besides having a lovely color, one of the top benefits of rose gold is that it does not tarnish! Tarnished jewelry is when metals and other materials darken, lose their luster, and/or ultimately rust when exposed to elements in the air and surrounding environment. Tarnish can also cause a piece to look grimy and worn. The good news is that rose gold doesn't tarnish! It becomes slightly redder over years, due to the copper content in the jewelry. However, this, in turn, causes the rose gold to gain a charming, vintage look! 

It Is Long-Lasting.

As mentioned earlier, rose gold is durable. It is made to be strong and last longer than other elegant metals and materials. This is, again, due to the copper within the mix of the jewelry. Copper is considered one of the most durable metals, which makes rose gold a lasting and great choice!

It Is Versatile.

Because rose gold is quite durable and does not tarnish, it can be used in a wide variety of jewelry. Rose gold banded rings have become increasingly popular within the past several years and continue to grow in demand. The soft rose gold colors pair well with many other jewelry metals, such as white gold and platinum. This makes it an ideal choice when it comes to engagement and wedding rings! 

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