What Is A Pie Cut Diamond?

What Is A Pie Cut Diamond?

Pie cut diamonds are an excellent choice when looking for an engagement ring. The pie cut diamond has gained popularity over the years due to the style and luxurious look the diamond gives the wearer. For an engagement ring, a pie cut diamond can help symbolize a couple's relationship. The following is a short guide to pie cut diamonds and their variety of styles.

What Are Pie Cut Diamonds?

A pie cut diamond is when several smaller diamonds are intricately pieced together to create a beautiful illusion of a solitaire diamond. The diamonds are specifically chosen and shaped to create a larger looking diamond. Pie-cut diamonds can come in a variety of shapes. 

Types Of Pie Cut Diamonds

The following are some examples of pie-cut diamond designs:

  • Asscher Or Cushion Cut: This pie cut shape has two options. The first is a cut with four diamond pieces. The second is more intricate with nine diamond settings. The stone is in the shape of a square with rounded edges.
  • Emerald Cut: The emerald pie cut has an ornate set of nine diamond stones shaped like a classic rectangle with rounded edges.
  • Heart Cut: The heart cut is in a set of three and forms a beautifully-pieced heart shape.
  • Marquise Cut: The Marquise has a set of four diamonds with the edges at a point, creating a diamond-like shape.
  • Oval Cut: The oval cut is similar to the marquise cut, but this cut has rounded edges. It is also in a set of four diamonds.
  • Pear Cut: The pear cut is similar in shape to that of a water drop. It is a popular pie cut and has a set of four stones.
  • Princess Cut: The Princess is also a diamond set of four stones. It is in the shape of a square, such as the Asscher/Cushion stone; yet, this cut has rounded edges.
  • Round Cut: The round cut is the second pie cut that has two options. It can have a set of four diamonds or nine diamonds, depending on the intricate details in the design. It is in the shape of a classic, rounded diamond.
  • Star Cut: This is another popular pie cut, which has five stones and creates a stylish star-shape for jewelry pieces.

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