What Is A Modified Brilliant Cut Diamond?

What Is A Modified Brilliant Cut Diamond?

A modified brilliant-cut diamond is a brilliant-cut diamond that has been modified from its original round shape. Modified brilliant cut diamonds represent the highest number of fancy cut diamonds on the market, and they have always been a preferred choice in the world of loose diamonds.

The History Of Modified Brilliant-Cut Diamonds

Modified brilliant cut diamonds originated from Europe, and the first brilliant diamond was discovered in the 17th century. After the Roman Empire declined in Europe, diamonds disappeared from the European jewelry market, and India was recognized as the sole source of diamonds.

Types Of Modified Brilliant-Cut Diamonds

These are the main types of modified brilliant-cut diamonds;

Oval Cut Diamond

Oval-cut diamonds have a classy and sophisticated appearance, making them popular over time. They are not only suitable for engagement rings, but also pendants and drop earrings. The oval cut diamond is a cross between the pear cut diamond and the round brilliant, but it lacks the pointed corners. The oval-cut diamond contains several facets that give it an excellent sparkle.

Heart Cut Diamond

Heart cut diamonds are always living a moment. Their heart shape makes them fancy and unique, making people feel the beauty when they put them on. Heart-cut diamonds have also gained popularity as engagement ring stones with their heart shape that symbolizes love. Heart-cut diamonds are a gem and perfect for declaring love for your partner.

Marquise Or Navette Cut Diamond

This brilliant-cut diamond had a unique shape compared to other types, with a long oval shape and pointed ends. It looks stunning in stones that go beyond a diamond, and it has secured a rich history and modern appreciation. It fits well with those who prefer traditional jewelry as well as those that prefer modern ones.

Pear Or Pendeloque Cut Diamond

This type of diamond has an elusive mixture of marquise and round brilliant cut diamonds. The pear diamond has pointed tips which make every trace of color in the diamond appear concentrated. Although the pear diamond is stunning, it suffers from the bow-tie effect because it has an area of a shadow at the center that resembles a bow tie.

Ensure you take extra care of these modified brilliant-cut diamonds. Although they are fancy and classy, they are susceptible to breaking, especially those with sharp ends. If you purchase modified brilliant-cut diamonds, insure them if you are not sure of absolute safety.