What Is A Hidden Halo Ring?

What Is A Hidden Halo Ring?

Everyone has heard that it's the small things that make the biggest difference. Hidden Halo rings can be a big way to show exactly that. This article aims to explain what a Hidden Halo Engagement Ring is, and why it may just be the perfect fit for your choice of engagement rings. 

What Are Hidden Halo Engagement Rings? 

While searching for an engagement ring, you've probably seen Halo style Engagement Rings before; they're rings that have bands of jewels wrapping around the main stone, often giving the stone a larger, more luxurious appearance for less of a cost! 

So, if that's what a Halo Engagement Ring is, what, you may be asking, is a Hidden Halo Engagement Ring? 

Simply put, a Hidden Halo Engagement Ring is a ring with the Halo Band of gems placed around the underside of the main gem. Doing this will make the main gem look larger from the side than it does from the top down view! 

Here is an example of a Hidden Halo Engagement Ring. 

Hidden Halo Rings are a stunning way to have a small and secret spark of elegance while still being affordable! 

3 Reasons Why A Hidden Halo Engagement Ring Might Be Right For You: 

You Appreciate Small Details 

You consider yourself someone who is able to appreciate the small exclusive things that life has to offer. A Hidden Halo Ring has a very extravagant feel while still managing to look refined and elegant. 

You Want A Classic Look With a Unique Secret 

You are someone who appreciates the classics but also thinks that sometimes they can be shaken up a bit. Hidden Halo Engagement rings take the classic Halo look and refine it to a stunning, classy look that has a unique secret band of jewels that may not be obvious to just the random onlooker. A unique and gorgeous secret just for you and those you choose to show them off to. 

You Want A Luxury Look With A Modest Price 

A Hidden Halo Engagement Ring is a wonderful way to get a ring that looks larger than it really is while maintaining a modest budget. The extra band of gems gives a regal look, while also cutting down the cost of the main gem. 

Like a crown of jewels atop royalty, the extra band of gems a Hidden Halo Engagement Ring offers can elevate your engagement ring to uniquely hidden heights. 

Whether you believe a Hidden Halo Engagement Ring is right for you or you are looking for another design, contact us today to let our team of ring specialists help you find the ring that is the perfect fit for you!