What Is A Hidden Halo Engagement Ring?

What Is A Hidden Halo Engagement Ring?

A hidden halo engagement ring is a ring in which the center diamond sits on top of a halo of accessory diamonds or other gemstones. It is an engagement ring that will leave you in awe if you view it from above and give you a lasting impression if you view it from different angles. A hidden halo engagement ring is perfect for a bride-to-be who enjoys secret charms in accessories.

The History Of Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

Hidden halo engagement rings have gained immense popularity in recent years. The ring dates back to the early Georgian era (1714-1837) in Europe, where only round diamonds or pearls were used. Hidden halo engagement rings gained popularity between 1837 and 1901 (the Victorian era) when these engagement rings were crafted with colored gem center stones to mimic flowers.

The Beauty Of A Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

Do you want an engagement ring that is more than what meets the eye? A ring that carries its intrigue individually but rewards those who dare to take a closer look? If you are looking for these attributes in a ring, then a hidden halo engagement ring is your choice. Buying a secret halo engagement ring is like purchasing one and getting another free of charge, and its durability and beauty will make you stick to the option.

Shapes And Styles Of A Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

Hidden halo engagement ring settings offer various styles and shapes to fit almost everybody looking to shop for an engagement ring. Brides looking to make more prominent statements will opt for an accessory with paved diamonds, while those who like keeping it simple will consider a solitaire with a hidden halo. The brides looking to amaze and wow the audience may consider halo engagement rings with their extra invisible halo.

Hidden halo engagements come in different shapes, styles, and colors, and they can be customized to meet your needs. They are durable, and you can always be sure of the beauty, brilliance, and style that will make you feel more confident and loved.