What Is A Half Round Wedding Band?

What Is A Half Round Wedding Band?

A half round wedding band is a great alternative to the traditional round wedding band. There are many reasons why this ring is becoming so popular, including its unique design and affordable price. Read on for more details about this type of ring.

Half Round vs. Traditional Wedding Bands

The most notable feature of the half-round style is its distinctive silhouette. The top section is curved, while the underside is generally flat. In some cases, the underside is also shaped to deliver a more comfortable fit.

This differs from a typical wedding band, which is usually completely rounded. While the round wedding band is indeed timeless, it can be uncomfortable to wear for some. That's why the half-round band is a top choice for those who'd like to wear their wedding band throughout the day.

Styles Of Half Round Rings

There are many different styles of half-round rings available.

  • Make a statement with a half-round band set with a single diamond.
  • Dazzle with every gesture by donning a half-round band set with a line of gems around the center.
  • Choose a simple band without a setting for a chic, minimalist effect.

You can find half-round bands in all of your favorite shades of gold, including yellow, white and rose. A half-round band in platinum is a versatile choice that beautifully pairs with a variety of gemstones. Consider a half-round band made with one type of precious metal on the face and another along the interior for a stunning contemporary effect.

The Best Places To Shop For Your New Half Round Ring

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