What Is A French-Set Engagement Ring?

What Is A French-Set Engagement Ring?

Looking for a unique type of engagement ring that is sure to start conversations? Consider a French-set engagement ring. This classic style became popular shortly after the turn of the 20th century and has been experiencing a revival in the present day.

Characteristics Of A French-Set Ring

The French setting is a romantic style of ring that is sure to impress your loved one. However, it differs in a few key respects from traditional settings.

For this style, diamonds are closely packed along the side of the band and are elevated with v-shaped prongs. This allows surrounding light to hit all sides of the diamonds, resulting in a dazzling sparkle. The overall effect is one of elegance and luxury.

Due to the placement of the prongs, the French-set ring is quite durable. The stones are hugged at each corner by the metal, resulting in a secure setting that will last for generations to come.

What Type Of Gemstones Are Best In A French-Set Ring?

There are many types of gems that are suited for French settings. Colorless diamonds are a traditional choice that are complemented well by this unique style, since there is minimal metal holding the stones in place. 

  • Pair diamonds with white gold or platinum and watch the light dance around your ring with every movement.
  • Make your gems stand out by choosing a diamond ring made with a contrasting metal like yellow gold or rose gold.
  • Colored gems are also an excellent alternative choice for a contemporary French-set engagement ring.

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