What Is A Flush Fit Engagement Ring?

What Is A Flush Fit Engagement Ring?

Engagement/wedding  ring shopping is one of the most exciting times in a couple's lives.  It can also be overwhelming.  There are endless choices and combinations of style, setting, stone, size, brilliance, and fire.  It's always good to go into the ring shopping experience armed with knowledge and some idea of what you're looking for to make the memories sweet.  

What is a Flush Fit Engagement Ring?

A flush fit or set  engagement ring  is a ring that contains a diamond embedded in the band as opposed to being mounted on top.  The jeweler cuts a hole in the metal, places the stone in it, and hammers the metal around it to secure it in place.  This process creates a ring with a stone that sits "flush" with the band.  There are other styles of rings that give a similar "flush" appearance, but they don't offer the same protection to the stone.

Why Should You Choose a Flush Fit Ring?

You have an active lifestyle.

Couples may choose to go with the classic flush setting because they are very active and don't want to worry about a large stone getting snagged on something.  Because the stones are so well protected in this style of ring, you don't have to worry about them falling out while on the go or working with your hands.  The flush set ring is perfect for people whose work and lifestyle are very hands-on.

You want a creative and unique style.

You can be as creative as you want to be with a flush set ring.  Couples tend to choose this style to add their style to an ordinary wedding band. You can choose one stone for a simple engagement ring appearance or multiple stones to add more of the wow factor.  The simple setting works with every type of metal and any shape of stone, allowing endless options.

You want to stay within a modest budget.

Because the stones in a flush set ring tend to be smaller than the center stone of a prong set ring, you can find something that works for any budget.  The flush set ring doesn't require high clarity or color grades to be beautiful.