What Is A Flower Setting?

What Is A Flower Setting?

Adding a halo to a diamond ring is a great way to increase the sparkle on your finger without breaking the bank.

But did you know that not all Halo settings are the same?

Traditional halos consist of many smaller stones arranged in a circle around one main center stone. One variation of this is called a flower setting.

What Does A Flower Setting Look Like? 

Flower settings have smaller stones arranged around the center stone in the shape of a flower. These outer stones can be made to resemble flower petals based on their prong shape and placement.

A flower setting is not limited to one arrangement, and it actually comes in many different shapes, sizes and colors. Some opt for a smaller center stone with more emphasis on the petals, while others may prefer smaller petals. You could pick a setting that resembles your partner's favorite flower. And this design works well with all types of metals, including rose gold.

The distinct style of the flower setting can add a delicate, feminine touch to an engagement ring.

Should I Buy A Flower Setting Ring?

Every ring has different pros and cons, and if you're shopping for your partner, there are some questions you can ask to help you decide if a flower setting ring is "the one."

Does It Match My Partner's Personality?

The flower setting is a feminine design, so if your partner is not very feminine, this may not be the right ring.

Does your partner love flowers? They might even have a favorite flower that you could resemble in the setting of a ring.

Does My Partner Want Something Simple Or Something That Stands Out?

If your partner prefers something simple, you may want to look at solitaire engagement rings.

But if they want something eye-catching and unique, a flower design might be perfect. With the ability to increase petal size and intricacy, there are plenty of options that will wow your partner.

Would My Partner Rather Have A Larger Center Stone Or A Unique Halo Design?

A flower setting means you're spending more money on something other than the center stone.

If your partner has ever told you they would rather have as large of a center stone as possible, then you should consider a flower design with a simple halo pattern instead of one with more diamonds clustered around the center stone.

The diamonds in the setting will typically be much smaller and less expensive than the center stone, but your partner might want all of this money focused on the center stone instead.

Need help choosing a flower setting ring? Our jewelry experts at Acredo are ready to help.