What Is A Carre Cut Diamond?

What Is A Carre Cut Diamond?

A carre cut diamond is a type of diamond with square step cuts. It has square faces that give the gem an appearance similar to a right pyramid viewed from the apex. 

Are Carre Cut Diamonds Popular?

Carre cut diamonds might sound new to you because they are rare and not a mainstream option. They have long, open facets that display the color and clarity of the diamond. Unlike the brilliant-cut diamonds with meticulously arranged facets to enhance sparkle, the carre cut diamonds have open facets that allow the viewer to see deep into the stone. This step-cut emphasizes the subdued beauty rather than the glamorous sparkle expected in most diamond cuts.

Do Carre Cut Diamonds Sparkle?

Diamond brilliance is the white light reflected by the diamond. On the other hand, diamond fire is produced when the white light hits the facets and disperses into different spectral lines (rainbow colors). Like other step-cut diamonds, carre cut diamonds exhibit less brilliance and more fire. It breaks the white sparkles into various colors. As a result, the carre cut and other step cut diamonds have significantly less sparkle than other cuts.

Characteristics Of Carre Cut Diamonds

The most outstanding properties of a carre cut diamond are the parallel edges along the stone and the square faces. The gem has a few cuts, which reduce the rate of reflection. As a result, the carre cut diamonds have less brilliance and more diamond fire. This gem's high clarity also makes inclusions more visible than other cuts.


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