What Is A Bypass Engagement Ring?

What Is A Bypass Engagement Ring?

Some ring styles are so beautiful they easily withstand the test of time. The bypass engagement ring is precisely such a ring. Made popular during the mid-1800s in the Victorian era, the bypass design, characterized by beautiful curves cradling either one or two stones, is as popular now as it was then.

What Are The Characteristics of A Bypass Engagement Ring?

The band of a bypass engagement ring offers a unique style apart from the stone(s) it is designed to hold. As the ring band curves around the finger, it separates into two sections. The band typically separates into two vertical sections, giving the appearance of a longer (taller) band, rather than a wider one. You can see an example of a bypass engagement band, here.

A bypass engagement ring can be designed in such a way as to hold one or two main stones, or one large stone paired together with minor stone(s) on each side. 

While the ring style was made popular centuries ago, today's jewelry designers offer both traditional bypass ring styles, as well as those with a modern twist. Some designers will use a bypass ring style in their design, but will use sharper, more defined edges rather than curved edges.  Other designs may employ a floral vintage style or a minimalist style. The bypass style is also available in a simple wedding band, making it the perfect accompaniment for a more elaborate engagement ring.

What Is The Symbolism Of A Bypass Ring?

While some may decide on a bypass engagement ring simply because of its traditionally beautiful curves, others will appreciate the symbolism of the style.

The symbolism associated with two individuals joining together as one, yet still preserving their individuality, is found in the ring's single band that separates into two sections, then comes together again to cradle the stone(s). Many couples find this unique description of the ring's symbolism best represents their hope for a lifetime together. 

Where To Purchase A Bypass Engagement Ring?

If you are looking for a stunning bypass engagement ring, you can purchase one at most professional jewelry stores. But if you are looking for the best quality bypass ring at the best price,get in touch with the expert jewelers at Acredo. Our jewelry professionals will help you find the perfect bypass ring for the special person in your life.