What Color Diamond Looks Best With Yellow Gold?

What Color Diamond Looks Best With Yellow Gold?

Before shopping for diamond jewelry, it is crucial to learn how to evaluate diamond color. The setting you select can directly make the color of your diamond appear attractive or dull. So, here is how to select the right diamond color to match your yellow-gold setting. But let's first have a sneak-in background review of how diamond ranks in a grading system.

What Is Diamond Color Grading?

A diamond color grading is a system designed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Diamonds are grouped according to four distinct qualities in this grading system, commonly known as the 4Cs; Carat, Clarity, Color, and Cut. 

Colored Diamond Grading

Most diamonds do fall in a range between D to Z. The colored diamonds occasionally appear in natural colors like pink, blue, brown, green, and deep yellow. According to geological conditions, these colored diamonds are rare and highly prized. When selecting a color grade for your yellow-gold setting, the color should be the first consideration. Meanwhile, there are other factors to put into consideration. They include the diamo]nd shape, personal preference, and the ring setting. Below are the best color diamonds to match your yellow-gold setting.  

Best Color Diamonds for Yellow-Gold

Matching yellow gold bands with white diamonds will never disappoint. However, white diamonds have various versions; faintly colored, nearly colorless, and entirely colorless. Under the GIA color ranking system, the colorless ranks first in grade D while the faintly colored end ends in grade M. 

That makes white diamonds from grade D to M the perfect match for yellow gold. For better understanding, let's dive into the details of each category, 

Grade D, E, F

These are colorless white diamonds that are the rarest and most expensive of all other white diamond categories. Pairing colorless diamonds with yellow gold rings introduces a new warm yellow gold shining theme through the clear diamond. It also adds some illusions of a colorful diamond more than its actual appearance. 

Grade G, H, I, J

The group consists of near-colorless white diamonds that are whiter than the first grade. When paired with a yellow-gold band, they display a beautiful appearance. They will appear naturally brighter due to the gold band hues that illuminate the diamond. 

Grade K, L, M

The category consists of faintly colored white diamonds that are the most flattering when paired with yellow gold bands. Despite being very cheap, do not be mistaken by their low cost, for they are genuinely aesthetic of all three diamond categories. 


With the above information, you can comfortably budget and make a balanced decision on your next jewel. At Acredo, we have a wide selection of engagement rings where you will find various shapes and sizes to meet your needs. Call us today or browse through our product page to shop for our latest designs.