Wedding Bands to Fit Your Personality

Wedding Bands to Fit Your Personality

Every year, more than two million women get married in the United States — and every one of those brides has her own style, her own personality, and her own aesthetic. Don’t you deserve a ring that’s as unique as you are? We certainly think so.

We custom-make every single ring we sell, but we know that shopping for a custom ring can be overwhelming. Don’t worry! Our jewelry experts can help you find a ring you’ll love for the rest of your life, no matter your tastes or budget. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

The Classic Bride

This ring is for the bride that likes to stick to traditions. She’s going to wear a white, ballgown-style dress to her wedding in the church she attended as a little girl. She’ll have a sit-down dinner, a three-tier wedding cake, and cans tied to the car as they drive away.

The Ring

For a timeless look that will never go out of style, we recommend a simple, yellow gold band with a solitary, round diamond set in the middle. An inlaid diamond lies almost flush with the band, so its low profile won’t interfere with gloves, typing, or anything else you use your hands for throughout the day.

The Classic — With a Twist!

Of course, just because you like the classics doesn’t mean you have to stick to the old styles. You can still create a ring that harkens back to the quintessential wedding ring, while adding your own flair.

The Ring

Add a brushed metal texture or a sandstone feel, rather than the glossy metal texture of most rings. Replace the yellow gold with red gold or even platinum. And for a truly unique look, try using a brilliant blue sapphire or a deep red ruby instead of a standard white diamond.

The Modern Bride

The modern bride loves keeping up with the latest trends. She buys the newest clothes and eats at the trendiest restaurants. At her wedding, she’ll mix in unique lighting and a photobooth, and she’ll wear a crown of flowers as she walks down the aisle. She always looks chic and fresh, and her ring is no different.

The Ring

A tension setting holds the main stone tightly between the two arms of the ring, held in place by tiny grooves in the metal so it appears to hover weightlessly. A tension setting is the perfect mix — a ring that will look beautiful for years to come, but with a modern design that’s sure to catch the eye.

The Elegant Bride

This ring is for the bride that spares no expense to create the most luxurious wedding she can. From hanging-flower decor over the dance floor to custom gold-leaf-embossed wine glasses and a rented Rolls-Royce that she and her partner drive away in, every moment of the big day is dripping with opulence.

The Ring

For the most elegant bride, only the most elegant ring will do. A platinum band with a brilliant array of diamonds, set in a pave style, is sure to turn heads no matter where you take it.

The No-Frills Bride

Of course, some brides prefer the simpler things in life. Her wedding won’t have a nine-tiered wedding cake, it’ll have a table of cupcakes. She’ll serve finger food appetizers, let her bridesmaids wear whatever they want, and spend her honeymoon in an AirBnB just outside the city where she lives, with her new spouse and dog in tow.

The Ring

Simple tastes call for a simple ring — nothing flashy, just a symbol of your everlasting love. If this sounds like you, then a modest gold band with no stone or decoration is perfect.

A Special Ring for a Special Bride

The truth is, we can’t possibly cover every bride’s preference in a few short categories. Every bride is special, and every bride deserves a ring that’s as special as she is.

When you come to acredo to get help designing your ring, you’ll look around at the thousands of rings we’ve created and pick the elements that appeal to you the most. From there, our experts can guide you through the process of designing a ring that’s exactly the ring you want. Give us a call!