Tips For Cleaning Diamond Rings Safely At Home

Tips For Cleaning Diamond Rings Safely At Home

Your diamond engagement ring holds a sentimental value besides being one of the most expensive jewelry pieces that you own. For this, you want to keep it sparkling at all times. While the diamond is the hardest natural substance, it requires optimum care to maintain its sparkle.

Luckily, maintaining diamond rings can be relatively easy if you observe the right practices when cleaning them. Here are insightful tips to guide you when cleaning diamond rings at home.

Use Water and Soap
Whether your ring has acquired dirt from makeup, hairspray or body lotion, you can quickly restore its shine by using a mix of water and soap. The water should be lukewarm. Be cautious about the kind of soap you used to ensure it is not abrasive on the ring.

Dishwashing soap is the most recommended option because it is mild and does the job correctly. Soak the ring in the mixture for about 30 to 40 minutes to loosen the dirt.

Use a Soft Brush
Gently scrub the diamond jewelry with a soft brush to remove the loose dirt. You do not have to spend on a specific brush if you have an old toothbrush lying at home. Make sure the bristles are not too stiff to avoid scratching the metal.

Rinse the Ring With Clean Water
You would be surprised by how much difference there is when you skip this step. Failure to rinse the ring leaves it with accumulated dirt that looks worse than how the ring was before cleaning.

Dry the Ring Before Storage
Use a clean, soft piece of cloth to wipe the ring until it is completely dry before putting it back in its storage case for safety. Storing your diamond ring in a damp case can cause it to tarnish.

Diamond rings are not the easiest to maintain. When worn, the ring attracts oils from your fingers. Follow the above tips for fast and efficient cleaning, and watch your ring serve you for the longest time.