The Latest Trends in Engagement Rings

The Latest Trends in Engagement Rings

Diamond engagement rings have been around for a long time — more than 500 years! But just as with any form of fashion, jewelry styles continue to change over the years. Here are some of the trends that we’re seeing in the world of engagement rings these days.

Creatively Shaped Diamonds

There’s nothing wrong with a classic circular stone, but why limit yourself? Pear, oval, and cushion-cut diamonds are becoming more and more popular. These interestingly-shaped diamonds scatter light in unusual ways, lending a unique twist to your special piece that will make it stand out like no other.

Have a look at the rings that Hailey Baldwin and Karlie Kloss recently received. Whether it’s Baldwin’s elegant oval or Kloss’ classic cushion, these unconventional stones can be real show-stoppers.

Yellow Gold

Rings are starting to make a comeback with vivid yellow gold, which gleams in the light and provides a pop of color against pale and dark skin alike.

For a beautiful example, take a look at Meghan Markle’s stunning yellow gold engagement ring, designed for her by her husband, Prince Harry. The ring itself is relatively simple in design — just three stones set side by side — which really allows the bright gold band to shine.

Stacked and Nested Rings

Remember, the engagement ring isn’t the only ring to grace your special someone’s left hand — it’ll be joined by a wedding band in short order. That’s why some couples are opting for a pair of rings that look like they were made for each other — because they were!

Trendsetters are designing engagement rings with stunning stones, accompanied by subtle wedding bands that nest together with the engagement ring to make a combination piece that’s one of a kind.

Natural Symbolism

Pear-shaped diamonds aren’t the only thing plucked from the garden in today’s engagement rings. Organic-looking clusters of accent diamonds, bands twisted like vines, and leaf-shaped touches are adding a natural flair to the strict symmetry of most jewelry.

Colorful Accent Stones

Traditionally, the main stone in an engagement ring is a diamond — a diamond’s ability to scatter light, brilliant sparkle, and unmatched durability make it a clear choice for the centerpiece of your ring.

It’s the accent stones around the main diamond where you have a chance to be a little more creative. From deep, cool blue sapphires to fiery red rubies; the smaller stones around your main diamond can be what really sets your ring apart.

Asymmetrical Settings

Most rings are symmetrical, which gives them an air of careful craftsmanship and attention to detail. Recently, however, some people are choosing to inject a little more whimsy into their ring designs with asymmetrical settings, stones, and bands.

Take Emily Ratajowski’s gorgeous engagement ring, for example. With one pear and one princess cut diamond, side-by-side at an eye-catching angle, this ring is truly subverting expectations of what a traditional ring looks like.

Whatever You Want

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