The 9 Top Wedding Trends for 2019

The 9 Top Wedding Trends for 2019

Weddings constantly evolve as trends come and go. So, what’s the most recent direction that wedding trends for 2019 are taking? Personalization.

As younger generations setting the wedding trends for 2019 start tying the knot, they’re breaking from the tradition of a white dress and a vanilla cake in the family church. They want their wedding to reflect every interesting and exciting aspect of who they are.

From wedding invitations to rehearsal dinners, from favors to food, from toasts to “I do” and everything in between, we’ve pulled together this list of wedding trends you might see this year.

Going All-In on Invites

A wedding invitation used to be just a card in an envelope, asking you to pick steak or chicken. Not anymore! Some couples are pulling out all the stops when it comes to the invitation- including fancy typography and photos of the venue, elaborate touches like dried flowers, tissue paper, gold foil, and even high-tech flair like USB drives containing a video message from the to-be-weds.

Some couples are even opting for boxed correspondence instead of the classic envelope. A box creates an opening experience, adorned with silk ribbon and crystal embellishment and opening like a treasure chest to reveal the invitation within.

Revamping the Registry

Wedding registries have officially entered the 21st century. While you’re welcome to head to the nearest department store and register for that KitchenAid mixer you’ve always wanted, why stop there? Lots of couples are now registering online at stores like Amazon and REI, which boast a far wider selection of exciting stuff for their new life together.

These days, most couples getting married already live together and have probably accumulated plenty of kitchenware and bedding already, so they’re registering for experiences instead. Cooking classes, vacations, couples’ massages, museum memberships, wine-of-the-month clubs, and countless other possibilities are changing what a registry can be.

If all else fails, register for cash! Life is expensive and weddings are too, so many couples are defraying costs and saving for their first house together with cash registries like The Knot’s Newlywed Fund and Honeyfund. Couples can register for specific cash experiences like the champagne on their honeymoon or just have a general fund to get them started on their new life.

Regal Fashion Is Making a Comeback

Call it the Meghan Markle effect. Inspired by the Duchess of Sussex, pageantry is making a reappearance in a big way in the world of wedding attire. Whether it’s regal capes and capelets, billowy sleeves, and elaborate dresses or tiaras and minimalistic dresses, the formality and elegance of wedding dresses is a big part of overall wedding trends for 2019.

Wedding “Themes” and “Vibes”

Sure, most couples are still going to have wedding colors — usually one bold color and one subtle one to plan decor, attire, invitations, and everything else — but lots of couples are also going for a wedding “theme” or “vibe” as well.

That doesn’t mean leaning all the way into the decor and aesthetic of a particular favorite show or movie — Game of Thrones hasn’t exactly given us the happiest wedding inspiration anyway — it’s more about a feeling.

If you have a rustic wedding on a farm, then wood tables and soft lighting will bring that casual vibe to the forefront. If you’re getting married in a ski lodge in Colorado, maybe you could replace floral centerpieces with sprigs of blue spruce. It’s all about little touches that add up to the environment you want.

The All-Natural Look

No, not like that — as far as we know, everyone’s still wearing clothes to their weddings. More brides than ever are opting to go for makeup and hairstyles that highlight their natural beauty. Microthreading to shape brows instead of drawing them on with pencil, microneedling to make your skin glow rather than heavy makeup, and more casual hairstyles including messy buns, natural curls, and simple updos are showing up more and more often.

Turning Wedding Favors Into an Experience

Monogrammed chocolates are fine, but they won’t create a lasting memory. Instead, couples following wedding trends for 2019 are turning wedding favors into an experience by organizing a bonus activity like a boat ride, nature hike, or cocktail mixing class for the day after the wedding. It’s a chance for everyone to spend more time together before they all part ways back to their normal lives.

If you don’t have time for a full wedding weekend and you’re only celebrating for one big day, consider having a cigar roller or a dessert truck outside the entrance so that guests can leave with a more personal takeaway gift.

Outside-the-Box Venues

By the time a couple gets into their 30s, they’ve already been to a dozen weddings in hotel ballrooms, churches, and museums — now, they’re mixing things up! Craft breweries and distilleries double as fun venues to host receptions after ceremonies. Barns and ranches round out the ever-popular rustic vibe and make for some amazing photos. Greenhouses are filled with natural light. Also, outdoor weddings have some of the most stunning backdrops you can find.

Signature Cocktails for a Personal Touch

You want to host a well-stocked bar, but you can’t afford to carry everything under the sun. The wedding trends for 2019 solution? A signature cocktail crafted to reflect the tastes of the bride and groom. Whether it’s the robust flavors of whiskey, the delicate aromatics of gin, or the clean elegance of vodka, a drink with your own custom blend of mixers and garnishes will add a personal flair to any reception.

A Wedding for All the Senses

The sense most strongly associated with memory isn’t sight — it’s smell. How many times have you smelled fresh-cut grass or a sea breeze and been transported to another time and place?

Now, you can recreate that experience when it comes to your wedding. Couples are crafting custom blends of scent for their big day, then spritzing them on invitations, subtly piping them into the venue, and handing them out in the form of candles as party favors.

When your guests light the candles they take home — or even just open the box — they’ll be transported back to your special day.

Remember, your wedding is all about you — it’s the one time in your life you get to create the perfect event you’ve always wanted. So, don’t hold back! Add your signature style to as many aspects of your magical marriage as you want to create a memory you’ll cherish forever.