Stackable Wedding Rings — a Growing Trend

Stackable Wedding Rings — a Growing Trend

In recent years, a new trend has been popping up on celebrities’ fingers and wishful Pinterest boards all over the country — stackable rings!

We know what you’re thinking — aren’t all rings stackable? And we suppose you’re right, as long as they fit on your finger. But what we’re talking about is rings that are designed to go together, complementing each other on your finger for years to come.

Why Stackable Rings?
There are lots of reasons you might want your rings to stack together as a set, but one of the biggest reasons is to wear multiple rings that commemorate the special times in your life. For example, some women choose to stop wearing their engagement ring when they get married, opting for just their wedding band instead.

But you love your engagement ring! It reminds you of the time that your special someone got down on one knee and asked you to be together forever, and you don’t want to just set it on your dresser, out of sight. The solution is stackable rings!

With stackable ring sets, you can ensure that your diamond engagement ring and matching wedding ring fit together. The two rings will share the same style, so you know they look beautiful together. And when it comes to fit, the narrower, low-profile wedding band nestles nicely under the engagement ring’s main stone.

Some women even add a third ring when they become a mother, a fourth for a major anniversary, or as many as they’d like to commemorate the most special occasions in life.

What Kinds of Rings Should Stack?
Obviously, the answer is that you can stack whatever rings you want! Get three rings that look very similar, or mix and match! There are a few guidelines to consider when you pick out stackable rings, though.

The first is that many jewelers already have stackable ring sets. These rings are of the same material and style, designed to offset and complement each other’s appearance while adding extra sparkle to your accessories. At acredo rings, we offer a number of matching ring sets that you can customize to your exact specifications to ensure they match.

One rule that we like to suggest is that at least one aspect of all your rings should match. If they’re different styles, they should be the same material. If they’re different materials, use the same finish. If they’re different finishes, use the same stone setting.

Of course, rings don’t have to be a perfect match to complement each other. Yellow gold and rose gold can create a beautiful autumnal palette, while brushed gold and polished gold create a fascinating interplay of textures.

What Order Should the Rings be Stacked?
The usual method is to stack the rings symmetrically. Place your wedding ring closest to your heart, then your engagement ring, then an eternity ring if you have one. This way, the simpler bands of the wedding and eternity rings will surround and emphasize the more prominent stone of the engagement ring- enhancing its sparkle.

Find Your Rings at acredo
Whether you’re looking for an entire matching set or an eternity ring to match the rings you already own, acredo can help! We carry thousands of rings in a myriad of different styles, materials, and settings. Browse our rings and pick and choose the things you like about them, then customize your own set that perfectly reflects your own style and individuality. Set up an appointment to visit our lounge today!