Should I Let My Girlfriend Pick Her Engagement Ring?

Should I Let My Girlfriend Pick Her Engagement Ring?

That's up to you!

Your engagement should be an exciting and romantic time. It should feel like a rush of joy, hope and positive feelings. But shopping for an engagement ring can be an intimidating process, and some grooms-to-be find it highly stressful to tackle alone.

So today, the staff at Acredo in Denver will help you decide if you should bring your girlfriend ring shopping.

Let's get started!

When to Bring Your Girlfriend Shopping for the Engagement Ring

If she has a demanding taste, let her pick the ring.

If your girlfriend has particular tastes — she's super picky — bring her shopping! That way, you can pick the engagement ring that suits her outstanding taste. 

It will also cut down your stress level a lot! Since this is the first big purchase you make as a couple, it will be a meaningful choice you make together. So it can still be very romantic and memorable.

Of course, you'll want to set a few parameters before shopping. Agree on a general budget before hitting the store. That way, no one will be embarrassed when a $10,000 bridal set is out of reach. (We have countless options at Acredo for a fraction of that price, by the way.)

When to Shop for an Engagement Ring Without Her

Naturally, if the proposal is going to be a romantic surprise, you must shop alone. You can always get expert help from another woman close to her, like her mom, sister or BFF. Pick the lady who is most likely to keep the secret.

If she's been dropping hints about a particular ring, cut, or setting, you probably have enough information to make this purchase with confidence. Think about all those hints she's been dropping. Maybe she's left her laptop open with rings displayed. Maybe she's commented on her friends' rings. 

You Can Design a Ring Online, Together or Apart

At Acredo, we know the diamond ring shopping experience can be intimidating. That's why we offer an online ring design tool. Sit with (or without) your girlfriend and play around with different stones, settings and metals until you find the perfect match! Your custom engagement ring will be unique, affordable and sustainable. 

Her friends will be equally envious whether she says "he designed it himself" or "we designed it together."