Promise Ring vs. Engagement Ring

Promise Ring vs. Engagement Ring

Most people confuse a promise ring and an engagement ring because both rings look quite similar to the eye. However, there are differences between them, with their intended meanings being undoubtedly different. So, how does a promise ring differ from an engagement ring? Read on to find out.

The Purpose of A Promise Ring

Promise rings are symbolic, and they are designed to show and remind of a special commitment between two people. Wearers are not necessarily in a romantic relationship, and the ring usually has no definite cultural prerequisite. Men and women can wear these pieces for any of the following reasons:

  • A symbol of a couple's commitment to their faithfulness and relationship
  • A pre-engagement symbol for those intending to marry
  • A religious commitment symbol, the same as a purity ring
  • A commitment symbol of a significant relationship, besides a romantic relationship, for instance, friendship
  • A symbol of personal commitment to achieving a particular goal or dream

The Purpose of An Engagement Ring

Engagement rings have been around for several years, with the past century considering the classic diamond ring a standard engagement ring in western civilization. Yet, these pieces have betrothal symbols based on social and cultural class. Today, women wear engagement rings to symbolize the following:

  • Love shared by couples
  • The state of "off-the-market" by an engaged couple
  • A symbol of commitment to a partner

Promise Ring vs. Engagement Ring: What Is The Difference?

Promise rings and engagement rings are different. Generally, engagement rings are designed as a marriage proposal, while promise rings are used to keep and remind of a commitment between two people. Besides, promise rings can have multiple meanings and are worn by a man or a woman, unlike an engagement ring that women wear.

While an engagement ring is given during a marriage proposal, a promise ring is usually given earlier in a relationship to show commitment between partners. Sometimes, a promise ring wearer may eventually wear an engagement ring if the commitment involves a romantic relationship.

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