Platinum vs White Gold

Platinum vs White Gold

White gold and platinum are the most popular metals for engagement rings: high cost, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Both platinum and white gold offer an elegant, modern appearance that is suitable for modern engagement and wedding rings. However, these two metals differ significantly in composition, price, endurance, purity, and even appearance.

Let's examine the differences between white gold and platinum to determine which metal is ideal for your ring.


Platinum has a naturally white color, but white gold does not. The whiteness of white gold is often achieved by plating it with rhodium. This is not necessarily a bad characteristic; it is just one of the distinctions between the two metals. Rhodium plating's sole notable downside is that it may need color refinishing over time, but platinum will always retain its white appearance. When properly plated with rhodium, white gold is whiter than platinum.


While gold and platinum prices change from month to month, as you're probably aware, platinum is more costly than white gold. Platinum is more expensive to get due to its scarcity.

Other factors contribute to platinum's higher price.

  • Platinum is more expensive than gold and is only mined in a few locations worldwide.
  • Since platinum is much denser than gold, platinum jewelry of the same size will be significantly heavier.
  • Platinum also needs more skilled craftsmanship, which results in higher labor costs.

In summary, white gold is a more affordable option suitable for individuals on a tight budget. Additionally, since white gold is more widely traded than platinum, it is a superior investment.


While both metals are very robust and may last for years, platinum is heavier and more durable than white gold, and it loses relatively little weight when worn or polished often. Both platinum and white gold must be replated regularly to maintain their shine, while platinum may last longer between replacements.


White gold is a classic and popular metal that looks gorgeous even in solitaire form. Platinum is used to create contemporary rings, but it also has a history of the art deco era, when metal was very popular. Platinum is an excellent metal to utilize if you're looking for a luxurious, opulent design, since it is durable.

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