Meet RiverPlatinum — The Whitest Platinum In The World

Meet RiverPlatinum — The Whitest Platinum In The World

At acredo, we’re dedicated to making custom jewelry from only the finest quality materials in the world. That’s why we’re so proud to introduce RiverPlatinum, a new platinum alloy available exclusively from acredo.

Why Platinum?

Platinum is an extremely durable, strong material, making it a perfect choice for jewelry that’s worn on a daily basis. It’s resistant to stress, heat, and cold, so it will retain its beautiful sheen over the decades better than any other white metal.

Where gold can scratch or dull over time, losing its signature luster, platinum instead develops a patina that is considered highly desirable, since it gives the metal an antique, weathered appearance. In Japan, the patina of platinum is thought to symbolize one’s journey through life, perseverance through adversity, and personal development and wisdom.

Unlike most metals, though, scratches in platinum don’t actually result in any lost material. The metal is simply shifted around, which means it can be polished back to a brand-new appearance in no time.

Platinum’s cool white sheen is also the ideal setting for gemstones of any variety. Unlike gold, a platinum band won’t reflect any colors into the gemstone, so the brilliant sparkling white of a diamond engagement ring will be able to shine all the brighter.

Finally, platinum is better for jewelry wearers that suffer from allergies when they come into contact with certain metals. While many metal rings contain nickel as a strengthening component in their alloys, platinum rings contain no nickel at all and are completely hypoallergenic.

The scarcity and exclusivity of platinum mean this precious metal comes at a price — platinum settings are generally 25 to 30 percent more expensive than the equivalent setting in gold — but for many, the pure, clean appearance of a platinum ring is worth the extra cost.

What Is RiverPlatinum?

RiverPlatinum is a proprietary platinum alloy, available exclusively at acredo. While the FTC allows platinum jewelry to be labeled as “platinum” even if it contains up to 50% other platinum-group metals like palladium, ruthenium, rhodium, iridium, and osmium, RiverPlatinum is 95% pure platinum.

RiverPlatinum is also exceptionally white. Metals in jewelry are measured on a “yellowness index,” measured by a color spectrophotometer, that tells the customer how much yellowness is visible in the metal.

Gold has a yellowness index of 32 and up, depending on the specific alloy and the purity of the gold. White gold generally has a yellowness index in the 19 to 24.4 range, and most platinum has a yellowness of 9.5

Our RiverPlatinum alloy has a yellowness of only 7 — the same yellowness index rating as pure silver — so the true colors of your gems can dazzle the way they were intended to.

The final consideration is the Vickers hardness test. Developed in 1921, the Vickers hardness test involves imprinting a sample of any material with a diamond-shaped indenter and measuring the size of the imprint created.

Gold, for perspective, scores a 188-216 on the Vickers hardness scale. Pure platinum scores between 400 and 550, which is why 100% pure platinum is rarely used in jewelry — it’s very difficult to manipulate. RiverPlatinum has a hardness rating between 210 and 235, making it malleable enough to create the intricate shapes your heart desires, but durable enough to last a lifetime.

For your next ring purchase, whether it’s for an anniversary, birthday, engagement, or wedding, consider RiverPlatinum, only from acredo. It’s the perfect ring for the perfect person in your life.