Is it Fine to Wear My Diamond Ring In The Shower?

Is it Fine to Wear My Diamond Ring In The Shower?

A diamond engagement ring is a precious gift that bears a strong significance in your life. Therefore, you probably want to wear it every time to show it off and most importantly, avoid losing it. But should you wear your diamond ring in the shower? The short and honest answer to this question is NO.

Why You Should Avoid Wearing Your Diamond Ring In The Shower

  1. Your Diamond Ring Can Slip
    Soap-suds usually make everything slippery. When you wear your ring to the shower, you risk losing it because it can slip from your finger and roll down the drainage. Retrieving a diamond from the drainage can be a plumbing quagmire.
  2. Clouding and Dulling Effect
    Diamonds may be known for their toughness, but they are also very delicate. While your soaps and oils may nourish your skin, they can easily ruin your band. This is because they contain abrasive chemicals and exfoliating properties that can cause scratches on your precious stones. After a while of wearing your diamond ring to the shower, your stone will lose its luminosity and shine less brightly. This dulling effect is caused by the exfoliating chemicals in soaps, salts, and cleaning detergents.
  3. Change in Stone Color
    Apart from clouding your diamonds, soaps and lathering lotions can also change the color of your precious stone. This will ultimately devalue your ring and diminish its beauty.

How to Protect Your Diamond Ring When Showering
The worst thing about losing or ruining your diamond ring in the shower is that you cannot use your warranty to claim replacements or repairs. This is why you need a jewelry holder in your bathroom. You can place your ring on the holder and wear it after your bath. You should also buy a travel jewelry case that can fit in your purse. This will keep your diamonds safe when you go to the gym or visit the beach for a dip.

All is not lost if you have been making the mistake of wearing your diamond ring and any other jewelry to the shower. You can have your band cleaned by a trusted jeweler, or even purchase your luxury jewelry maintenance products to clean your rings at home. It is also important to have your diamond ring insured for your peace of mind.