How Wide Are Men's Wedding Bands?

How Wide Are Men's Wedding Bands?

It is a question that men on the path of marriage widely ask. There is no single answer to this question because there are many factors to consider, such as finger size and preference. When looking for a wedding band, there are three things you should consider; whether it should be embellished or plain, the metal, and the width. When it comes to how wide the wedding bands are, there are two types of wedding bands:

Narrow Wedding Bands

The narrow wedding rings range from 2mm to 6mm and are mainly recommended for men with ring sizes of 9 and below. Men with skinnier or smaller hands prefer these rings. They avoid exaggeration from the wide wedding bands. It is perfect for men who do not like wearing wedding rings or jewelry. They are light in weight since less material is used in their making; this makes them cheaper than the wide ones. Since they are narrow, neither can accent diamonds be added nor have different shapes and sizes. They are also easily lost or worn out till they break due to their small width.

Wide Wedding Bands

The wide wedding ring sizes are from 6mm and above and are best recommended for men with ring sizes of 9 and above. Men with larger hands or those who want their rings to stand out prefer these rings. Compared to narrow rings, these are expensive since they use more material in their making. They allow accent diamonds to be added and made in different shapes, sizes and metals. They are tighter than narrow ones and require a visit to the jewelry maker for the correct finger measurements.

When it comes to wedding bands, we have different widths. It is essential to try different widths and see how they feel and look on you despite your ring size. The ring you choose you might wear every day should be comfortable and suit your personality.

The Best Places To Shop For Your Men Wedding Bands

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