How To Set A Cushion Cut Stone

How To Set A Cushion Cut Stone

Cushion cut stones are the perfect combination of the new and the old world. It is a traditional stone with modern features that were almost obsolete, but it has regained popularity in the modern world. Cushion-cut diamonds are among the most popular stones in the world. It is currently in prominence and is considered the favorite of engagement rings because of its romance and charm.

The uniqueness of cushion-cut stones is founded in the shape and rounded corners that increase the facet size to give off a sophisticated and elegant sparkle. Cushion cut stones look good in a solitaire, just as they look in a halo or three-stone setting.

Steps For Setting A Cushion-Cut Stone

Setting cushion-cut stones is not difficult following these steps.

Measure The Stone

Take clear and precise measurements of the stone. Do not try to estimate or allow your eyes to guess the size. Take the vertical measurements of the stone width and the girdle and note them precisely. For the thin stones with a bit of girdle, a 45 degree bur is recommended. If you use a  90 degree bur, you may overcut the seat, and it might not be a tight fit for the stone.

Check The Suit You Have Made

Check the fit you have made to ensure that the stone sits at the right level and make the necessary adjustments to the cut as required. If the fit is perfect, store it for use.

Remove Any Flashings

If the bur caused any flashings, remove them. Removing them will ease your work of cleaning up the fits later. Use only a light polish inside the bearing to get more couture and a clear look

Apply Pressure To Your Prongs

Use a pair of pliers to exert pressure on your prongs to get a tight fit for your stone. Do not twist when tightening by adjusting your prongs from either side.

Get Your Prongs Ready

Get your prongs ready by applying the final polish.

The beauty and brilliance of any stone will depend on the cutting, shaping, and finishing. When setting up the cushion cut stone, it is paramount to practice using the work tools first before working on the stone. Open and close your prongs several times to ensure you are used to them and enhance accuracy when setting your stone.