How To Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger

How To Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger

Have you ever wondered what you can do to make your engagement ring look bigger and more expensive without breaking the bank? Then look no further, for we have crafted ways to ensure that the above is achieved effortlessly.

Read on to find affordable tips on how to make an engagement ring look bigger and brilliant.

Consider the Shape

If you opt to buy a larger and less expensive ring, go for an oval-shaped diamond. The ovals look larger compared with round diamonds, and the cost is much cheaper. An oval cut diamond also appears to be better spread than a round cut diamond with the same carat weight.

Opt For A Slim Band

When choosing an engagement ring, ensure that the band is slim. The slimmer the band, the larger and more splendid the diamond will appear. This will, in turn, let the diamond's glow and glimmer take center stage while at the same time making it look bigger.

Consider The Number Of Prongs

To maximize the size of your diamond, go for a lower number of prongs. Instead of having like six prongs, you can reduce them to four. This will ensure that your diamond pops out while at the same time distracting the eye from the bling. 

Be Open To Colored Stones

A colored ring does not only look dazzling and large but also offers you value for your money. 

Clean Your Ring Regularly

A well cleaned and polished ring, free from any debris, appears bigger and spectacular.

With good dishwashing soap and warm water, you can ensure that you clean your ring at home. This is done using a very soft toothbrush; brush the ring gently to remove any foreign materials, then rinse it off. Additionally, you can have it professionally cleaned after every six months.

Halo Settings

The halo setting is where smaller similar stones surround a center stone. By using this setting, one can increase the ring's carat size without necessarily having to buy another diamond that is cheaper in the long run.

Alternative Diamond

Without incurring a huge cost on an engagement ring, you can choose a man-made diamond instead of one with a natural diamond. The cost is way cheaper, and you are assured of a larger diamond.