How To Make Engagement Rings Smaller Without Resizing

How To Make Engagement Rings Smaller Without Resizing

Wearing a loosely fitting engagement ring is uncomfortable and risky. It either spins constantly or comes off with little to no effort. To avoid losing your ring, consider these easy fixes to make it fit without resizing.

Sizing Beads

Sizing beads (or ring bumps) are small metal balls welded on the inside of the bottom of your ring. They work well for those with difficulty getting their engagement rings past the knuckle and keeping the ring upright. They can reduce rings by up to one-half in size.

Some wearers may find them uncomfortable. However, they come in different sizes and are adjustable for a comfortable fit. Ask your jeweler for sample rings for you to try on.

Spring Inserts

Spring inserts are another way to make your engagement ring smaller, up to one full size without cutting. Jewelers insert these horseshoe-shaped spring elements to line the bottom ¾ of the inside of the ring.

As the name implies, it springs open for an easy fit past the knuckle and springs back for a perfect fit at the base of your finger. Although more complicated than sizing beads, it is still affordable and achieves a more comfortable fit.

Sizing Bar

Sizing bars are metal bars folded around the base of your ring. They have a hinge on one side and a latch on the other. The latch is open when putting on the ring and shut to secure it in place.

Fold-over devices are suitable for adjusting rings to several full sizes. Request your jeweler for a sample to try on.

DIY Ring Sizing Methods

If you are looking for a quick fix, plastic guards are your best bet. Plastic guards are wedges or sleeves that fit between the ring and your finger. However, they are much less reliable and can leave your ring sitting awkwardly on your finger. 


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