How it Works: Virtually Designing Your Custom Ring

How it Works: Virtually Designing Your Custom Ring

When you choose your ring at acredo, you won’t just walk into our store and pick one out. Our rings are entirely custom — each ring as unique as the person wearing it — so before we send you out of the store, we’ll walk through our proprietary and unmatched virtual design session with you. Here’s how it works.

1. Pick the Rings that Inspire You
The creative process never starts from scratch, and that’s doubly true when it comes to jewelry. There are hundreds of years of traditions to draw from, mixed in with avante-garde, clean, modern pieces unlike anything you’ve seen before.

In our store, we carry hundreds of rings in any style you can dream of. To begin your virtual design session, you’ll take as long as you want to wander the store, picking out a few rings that you like the look of.

Mix and match! Maybe you like the stone on one ring, the band on another, the setting on a third, and the material of a fourth. We’ll gather them all together and bring them to the desk- where the fun part starts!

2. Create Your Virtual Ring
When you start with a specific ring as inspiration, we’ll enter the code from that ring. As soon as we do, you’ll see a flawless 3D recreation of the ring on our computer screen. You can rotate it, zoom in, and examine every detail.

You can then add in elements from the other rings you picked out. We’ll add and modify those elements, and suddenly the 3D ring on screen changes! There’s almost no aspect of your ring that you can’t customize to match your exact personal style:

Band: we make bands in 30 different profiles, 16 profiles, and any size and width you’d like. Every person’s finger is different, and it’s up to you to pick the exact ring profile that feels at home on your hand.
Gemstones: Our specialty is diamonds in any shape you can imagine, from a classic round brilliant cut to more elaborate heart, oval, marquise, and pear cuts. We also source rubies and sapphires in an array of colors to bring your personal aesthetic to life!

Setting: setting describes the ring design and how the gems are secured in your ring. Maybe you’d like a very simple solitaire diamond with four prongs around it, or maybe you’d like six. Maybe you’d like a wider ring, with channel set diamonds. Maybe you’d like to get even more creative, with a pear-shaped diamond set at an asymmetrical angle and flanked by rubies. Whatever you can picture, we can make it happen.

Material: platinum and white gold, traditional gold, rose gold and red gold — whichever metal matches your taste, your style, and your stone, we can render a ring on screen to show you exactly what it looks like.

3. Try On Your Ring
Obviously, you can’t try on a ring on a computer screen to see if it fits. But don’t worry! We carry blanks in every shape, size, and profile of band that we offer. We’ll let you try on as many shapes and sizes of ring that you want to make sure it fits you perfectly.

The metals we offer all have different weights, too. Platinum is much heavier than gold, for example, and it can take people by surprise. When you come into a store rather than ordering online, you can feel the heft and substance of a ring in your hand to get a sense of how it will feel when you wear it for the rest of your life.

4. Add Even More Personalization
Most ring makers offer engraving — you can put your wedding date or your partner’s name on the inside of your ring. At acredo, we add an entirely new level of customization to our engraving offerings. With laser technology; we can engrave your fingerprints, a sketch, symbols, latitude and longitude, a musical score

5. Place Your Order
When you order a custom ring from any other jeweler, there’s always an element of nervousness. Is it going to look the way you pictured it? Will that band go with that stone? Will a wide band feel right on your finger?

When you go through a virtual design session with acredo, all of that nervousness goes out the window. After all, you saw your ring live and in living color, right in front of you! You’ve tried on the exact size and shape of band you want, so you know the fit will be flawless. And best of all, you created a ring that is uniquely yours, with nothing else like it in the world. That, above all, makes your ring priceless.