Gold vs Platinum

Gold vs Platinum

When choosing an engagement ring, there are two metals that are most popular: gold and platinum.

There are many things to consider when buying a ring, such as color, cost, density and weight. Your preferences in these categories will help you determine if a gold or platinum ring is best for you.

Color: Gold is yellow or white, platinum is only white

For many people, the way an engagement ring looks is the most important part of choosing at ring.

While some are OK with "mixing metals" — which means having a mixture of yellow and white rings on their hands — others prefer to stick to one color.

For those who prefer yellow rings, there's a clear choice. Platinum doesn't come in yellow, so a gold ring would be ideal for that person.

But for those who prefer white rings, there are two metal options: white gold or platinum. White gold gets its appearance from a rhodium plating, and its color looks similar to platinum. This rhodium plating does wear off over time though, so if you want a white ring but don't want to deal with re-plating it, you should consider platinum.

Durability: Platinum is more durable

Platinum is denser and more durable. It's actually softer than gold and is still prone to scratching, but because of its complex chemical structure, the scratches will give it a beautiful, patina finish.

On the other hand, when gold gets scratched, it loses some of the gold and actually looks like a scratch. Gold is also more malleable, so the prongs on a gold engagement ring are more likely to loosen over time.

Weight: Platinum is heavier

Platinum is more dense and therefore heavier.

Some people think a lighter ring is more comfortable. Others may feel that the heaviness of platinum makes it feel more expensive and desirable. It's entirely up to you whether you think it's better to have a lighter or heavier ring.

Cost: Gold is cheaper

If you're ring shopping on a budget, you may prefer gold rings over platinum ones. 

Platinum rings are heavier, purer and more valuable than gold rings. This is because platinum is dense and requires more materials to make the ring than gold.

Finding the perfect ring for you

If you want a ring that's white, more durable, heavier and more valuable, a platinum ring is the perfect choice.

But you may want to consider a gold ring if you prefer something cheaper, lighter and something with more color options. You'll sacrifice some durability, but any ring requires at least some maintenance, and gold is a very popular ring choice.

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