Fit Matters — How acredo Fits Your Ring

Fit Matters — How acredo Fits Your Ring

Check most websites for how a ring should fit, and you’ll find instructions for putting a piece of string around your finger to see what your size is… but there’s so much more to sizing a ring than that!

At acredo, every ring is fully custom; designed specifically for each person’s individual style, tastes, and creativity. Here’s how we make your perfect ring!

Thirty Different Profiles

First, we’ll pick out a profile for your ring. The profile is the cross-section of your ring and it can come in a lot of different shapes. The ring might be convex or concave against your hand. The outer surface might be wider or narrower than the inner surface. The ring might even curve upward or downward away from your finger.

We’ve developed our 30 profiles based on years of experience fitting rings. Fingers aren’t cylindrical, and all of them are different, so it’s important to us that you find a ring that fits the contours of your hand perfectly.

It’s not just about the way it lies against your finger. The different shapes of your ring will reflect light differently, and the way that gemstones sit on the surface of the ring will be slightly altered by the shape of the ring itself.

Width and Height

Once you’ve picked out a ring profile, we establish the width and height of your ring. Each different profile has 16 or more different widths, so you can experiment with the exact ring shape that will accommodate the design you’ve had your heart set on.

Wider rings make a bold statement that’s perfect for two-tone designs and pavé settings, while narrower rings give you a slender, delicate appearance that emphasizes a single diamond or single narrow row of diamonds. We have matching sets on display illustrating what the same design looks like in different width and with or without diamonds. There’s no rule that says you have to buy a matching set either!

Custom Sizing

We strongly suggest that ring sizing be done in person — a wedding ring should fit like a second skin, and fitting a ring is a complex process that can’t be done at home with a ruler. If you already know your ring size, you probably know of it as a number between 4 and 12, but that number isn’t universal — In German sizing, there are three size distinctions for each American size! There are a lot of factors to keep in mind.

Measuring your existing rings is a good start, but even your right ring finger might not be the same size as your left. Your fingers also tend to swell as the days go on, so they’re wider in the afternoon than in the morning. Temperature has that effect, too — warm weather makes your fingers swell, so measuring your fingers when it’s cold can result in a ring that’s too small. Your ring size will vary with the exact profile you decide on as well.

The Perfect Sample

Once we’ve established the exact profile, width, height, and size of your ring, we’ll select a corresponding silver sample ring for you to try on. With acredo, there’s no guessing game when it comes to your ring!

So book an appointment and come by our store! Take a look at the thousands of rings we carry, pick the best parts of the ones you like, and we’ll put them all together to make the ring of your dreams.