Find Your Style: Engagement Rings that Speak to YOU

Find Your Style: Engagement Rings that Speak to YOU

Every bride (and bride-to-be) is different — she has different tastes, different styles, different interests, and an extensive and unique array of things that she likes and dislikes. When you’re buying a ring for your future spouse, you want a custom ring that genuinely reflects how unique and special she is.

The classic engagement ring is a single diamond on a gold band, but there are endless ways to adjust that basic template to create a custom ring that’s truly one of a kind. It can be overwhelming! The number of stones, settings, colors, materials, sizes, and profiles is a lot to take in, especially for a jewelry novice.

We’re here to help. At acredo rings, you can look through hundreds of rings to find the styles and aesthetics that appeal to you the most. Then, you’ll combine the best features of each to create the perfect piece. Here are some ideas to get you started.

How Do I Know Her Style?

The simple answer? Just ask! We know, romantic comedies have told you for years that a proposal should be a complete surprise. You get down on one knee and show her the ring for the first time as you ask her to marry you.

But that tradition is going by the wayside a bit — and that’s a good thing! Couples today are talking about getting married well before they pop the question to make sure they’re both on the same page about the future.

What that means is that you can bring your future fiancée into the store with you and browse rings together! It’ll be a fun memory you can cherish every time you look at the ring, and you know that you’ll end up with a custom ring that she’ll love for the rest of her life.

Tried and True — the Solitaire Ring

simple, slim-banded ring with a solitaire diamond in the middle of it is timeless, elegant, and will look good with almost anything — no more worrying about colors or styles lining up. It’s also budget-friendly! Millennials are increasingly reluctant to spend huge sums on engagement rings, so if you’re in that camp, a solitaire band is a good option.

The quintessential solitaire ring is a yellow gold band with a single, round brilliant cut diamond in the middle (hence the name “solitaire”), but there’s a lot of customization you can do to add your own flair to a solitaire ring:

  • Material — your ring can be crafted from white gold, gray gold, yellow gold, rose gold, red gold, or platinum.
  • Cut — the middle stone in a solitaire ring doesn’t have to be round! There are a lot of different shapes of stone, each with a unique appearance and panache, from the bold corners of a princess cut to the sweeping curves of a marquise cut.
  • Color — not all diamonds are bright white, and not all engagement rings need diamonds in them. We can source other stones to fit your needs, from deep red rubies to brilliant blue sapphires and everything in between.

You can also add accent stones, pavé setting, uniquely shaped bands, or any number of other customizations to turn a solitaire ring into something remarkable.

Modern and Minimal — the Tension Setting

A tension setting is a bold twist on the classic diamond ring. Instead of holding the gem in tiny metal prongs, a tension setting has a gap in the band itself, with the stone held in place between the two ends of the metal. Usually, there are tiny grooves to keep the gem from sliding, but the appearance is that the stone is floating in place.

Of course, the same level of customization is available when it comes to a tension-set ring. You can use a different colored stone, a different material for the band, or even customize the band itself with a brushed, sandstone, or hammered finish. 

The one limitation presented by a tension setting is the size of the stone. Since the stone is flush with the ring rather than set on top of it, you won’t be able to use an extravagantly large stone. If you had a smaller stone in mind already, perfect! A tension setting might be right for you.

Bold and Brilliant — the Halo Setting

Do you know what’s more exciting than a diamond? MORE diamonds. If you want a ring that’s a true head-turning, jaw-dropping, conversation-starting statement piece, a halo setting is the way to go.

A halo ring has one large diamond in the center, surrounded by smaller diamonds on the outside. Often, the ring will be set in a white metal like platinum, palladium, or white gold to avoid distracting from the brilliance of the diamonds themselves.

Of course, they don’t all have to be diamonds. A halo ring is a perfect opportunity to create a beautiful contrast of colors, with a bright blue or red stone in the center offset by a circle of sparkling white.

Even More Customization

The fun doesn’t stop once you’ve picked out the size, shape, color, and material of your ring. At acredo, we’re determined to make every ring special, and that means creating anything you can imagine.

Once you’ve decided what the ring will look like, you’ll have to pick a profile. The profile is the shape of the ring in cross-section, which determines the way it sits on your finger. We have more than 30 options for profile and width to make sure that your ring is comfortable — after all, you’ll be wearing it for a while!

We also offer an unmatched level of customization when it comes to engraving. Virtually any jeweler will allow you to engrave the date of your wedding or your partner’s name in a ring, but at acredo, the sky’s the limit. With laser technology, we can engrave fingerprints, a small sketch, a city skyline, your handwriting, the latitude and longitude of the place you met, a musical score — you name it! We can also engrave with stones on the inside or along the edges of your ring.

The Perfect Ring for the Perfect Partner

We pride ourselves on our ability to make your vision come to life, no matter what that vision might be. Whether you know exactly what you want or are just getting started on designing a ring, give us a call! We’ll walk you through the process, digitally or in person, and make sure that you have a custom ring you’ll love for a lifetime.