Engagement Rings to Match Your Wedding Style

Engagement Rings to Match Your Wedding Style

Every year, millions of brides walk down the aisle — and for every bride, there’s a unique, special wedding. So why shouldn’t there be a unique ring for every bride?

That’s why we’re so determined to create the perfect ring for everyone who walks through our doors. But what kind of ring should you buy? There are dozens of styles of wedding, and we can find the perfect ring for every one.

A Classically Romantic Wedding

If your wedding is filled with white linen tablecloths, flowers, pastel colors, and low lighting, you’re going for a classic, romantic wedding. Your invitations have calligraphy on them, you serve a three-tiered white wedding cake, and the groom wears a black tuxedo.

The Perfect Ring

For such a classic wedding, you need a classic ring. Polished yellow gold, simple and unadorned, and one for your partner to match.

An Alternative Wedding

If you’re more of an off-the-beaten-path type of bride, you might be thinking of mixing up the typical wedding style, while still taking cues from the old traditions. Instead of elegant vases of flowers as centerpieces, you’ll use a table runner with sprigs of local wildflowers. Instead of white chairs, you’ll use metal-and-wood stools. And instead of caterers and waiters, you’ll serve food from a food truck.

The Perfect Ring

Mixing inspiration from the past with a little modern flair, this set of sandstone-finish rings adds a new twist to the old style. For her ring, a tension-set diamond appears to float in space, drawing the eye with its brilliance and sparkle.

A Vintage Wedding

Antique furniture, ornate lace dresses, weathered paint, and a classic car to drive off into the sunset. Does that sound like it would be up your alley? Then a vintage wedding is exactly what you’re looking for.

The Perfect Ring

For an ornate, dazzling look that’s straight from decades past, consider a pavé setting. Pavé is a French term meaning “paved,” referring to the fact that the diamonds are embedded in the band like cobblestones. In this ring, 76 stones create a dazzling expanse of light that will amaze anyone who sees it.

A Whimsical Wedding

A wedding is a solemn occasion, where two people make a promise to spend their lives together — unless you don’t want it to be! A wedding is also a party, and there’s no reason you can’t have fun with it! Bring in balloons, bright colors, vivid ribbons, and fun fonts on your invitations and table cards.

The Perfect Ring

A whimsical bride demands a whimsical ring! This three-stone ring features a two-tone design of white gold and yellow gold, a cute heart-shaped setting, and playful central groove that reflects your personal creativity and individuality.

A Modern Wedding

The ornate look isn’t for everyone — some people prefer a modern, sleeker style. For those people, stainless steel and structural backdrops, sleeker decoration, and bold colors take center stage.

The Perfect Ring

This pair of multicolored wedding rings combines bold red gold with a brilliant, snowy white platinum-palladium alloy. Both rings feature a strong stripe of red gold down one side, while her ring is set with 20 square and rectangular diamonds. Both rings have a combination high polish with matte finish that brings a new style to a striking metal.

A Casual Rustic Wedding

You don’t need to invite 200 people to an ornate hotel ballroom to celebrate your love and commitment to each other. For some couples, a few dozen people in an outdoor garden in the spring or summer is just what they want. Log stools, string lights, mason jars, twine, and wood everywhere will give you the perfect casual wedding setting.

The Perfect Ring

The perfect casual wedding needs the perfect casual ring to go with it. This set features a brushed, hammered finish. Instead of the smooth lines and high polish of most rings, these rings have a natural, organic feel to them that perfectly reflects your more laid-back lifestyle.

The Perfect Ring for Every Wedding at acredo

At acredo, we pride ourselves on our unparalleled customization capabilities. We carry thousands of rings in an enormous array of styles, materials, stones, and settings. We know how important it is to you that your ring reflects your individual tastes and styles, and we guarantee that we can make that happen.

So, make an appointment today! Come visit us, peruse our collection, pick and choose the aspects of our rings that you like best, and we’ll create the perfect ring that’s just for you.