Does Your Partner Know Your Taste In Engagement Rings?

Does Your Partner Know Your Taste In Engagement Rings?

Picking out the perfect engagement ring for your future husband or wife can be tricky. You want to pick something they’ll love, since they’ll be wearing this piece for years and years, but you also want to surprise them! How do you make sure that you’re getting the perfect ring? And how do you know they’ll like it? Here are a few things to think about.

Who’s Proposing to Whom?

Really, the answer is “whoever wants to.” While it’s been traditional for a man to pick out a ring with a diamond on it, get down on one knee at a fancy restaurant, and ask the woman of his dreams to marry him, today’s young people aren’t nearly as dedicated to tradition as their parents were. Even in heterosexual relationships, the man isn’t always the one doing the proposing. Since the 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges decision by the US Supreme Court, same-sex marriages are on the rise — and proposals along with them; but there’s no long-established tradition for same-sex couples to decide who should be the one dropping to one knee.

What Should the Perfect Engagement Ring Look Like?

The good news is, we at acredo can make almost any ring you can imagine, from a simple solitaire diamond on a yellow gold band to asymmetrical cluster settings, bands made of two different metals, colorful accent stones, or anything else.

The bad news is that all that choice can be a little overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for — or, more importantly, what your partner will like.

Does your partner wear lots of classic styles — t-shirts and jeans, basic skirts or slacks, and not much makeup? Or are they more of a high-fashion type? When they decorate, do they tend to go for clean, modern looks, or are they more a fan of vintage, retro, thrift store styles?

If your partner already wears a lot of jewelry, you can base your decision on that. Do they tend to gravitate toward white metals or yellow ones? Large stones or small? White stones or colored stones? Do they prefer precious gems like diamond and sapphire, or do they seem more interested in natural-looking stones like sapphires or rubies?

Talk to Their Friends

Another great way to choose a ring for your boyfriend or girlfriend is to talk to a parent, sibling, or close friend — someone who knows them well, but won’t spill the beans about your upcoming plans. Show them a few options and ask them what they think your future fiancé will like.

Make a Mood Board

You might find yourself in the opposite situation — maybe you know that your partner wants to propose, and you want to help them choose the perfect ring without actually choosing it for them. In that case, you can help nudge them in the right direction

If there’s one thing Pinterest is perfect for, it’s weddings and proposals. Whether you make a board online or assemble a similar one on a corkboard in the living room, start collecting things that you like the look of from magazines and blogs. Take photos while you’re out and about, pay attention to the jewelry that actors wear on TV, and start to collect them in one place.

Even if you can’t articulate it yourself, you’ll start to notice trends. Dark wood and metal or bright colors and natural light? Big hoop earrings or tiny diamond studs? As you assemble a collection of aesthetically pleasing images, you’ll start to give your partner some direction for choosing the perfect ring.

Play it Safe

This might sound crazy, but hear us out: maybe you don’t need to propose with the perfect engagement ring! Part of the fun of designing a custom ring is doing it together — coming into the store, browsing the options, working with knowledgeable design staff, learning about different types of gems, and finally choosing the perfect piece.

So save that for after the big moment! You can still get a ring to show everyone your love for each other, but when you actually propose, consider presenting them with something else that’s significant to your relationship and your time together — a seashell from your first vacation or a movie stub from your first date.

Just Ask about the Perfect Engagement Ring

Of course, the simplest solution is the one that people are most hesitant to do — just have a conversation about what they like! Come visit us at acredo rings, look at our hundreds of sample rings, and discuss what metals, settings, colors, and budget you have in mind.

You don’t have to pick out the exact ring right then and there — whoever’s proposing can get a good sense of what the other person would like, then make the final decisions to preserve some of the mystery. The time and place of the proposal will still be a surprise, and they’ll be even more thrilled to see the ring that you choose based on their personal tastes.

Movies love to show us surprise proposals where the proposee doesn’t even see it coming, but trust us: however you do it, the important part is that it’s honest, genuine, and comes from a place of love.