Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring During the Ceremony?

Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring During the Ceremony?

With wedding planning taking a majority of your time you can forget this very small yet vital question—what to do with your engagement ring during the ceremony. This little detail can lead to an unpleasant surprise on your wedding day. And certainly, nobody wants that.

Additionally, the wedding band is by tradition the first ring on your ring finger (that way, it’s closest to your heart) before the engagement ring. But if you have your engagement ring during the ceremony, the wedding band will come in second on your finger.

Besides, there’s also the issue of wearing wedding gloves. Do you plan to have the ring under the glove? If so, have you thought about it bulging under there? Plus, you can either damage the ring while pulling on the glove, or tear the fabric with the ring.

So, what options does a bride have when it comes to wearing her engagement ring during the ceremony? Well, here are some options you can opt for during the ceremony.

Entrust the ring to someone else before the ceremony
This is quite a popular option and the simplest. If you want both the engagement ring and the wedding band to appear on your wedding photos, then this is for you. All you do is have a family member carry the ring in a jewelry pouch and slip it on after the ceremony but just before signing the marriage certificate. Ensure that you are discrete while doing this. Moreover, the best man or the maid of honor can also carry the ring for you.

Wear the ring on the opposite ring finger
Most brides like this option because they don’t have to worry about someone else losing the ring. It gives you peace of mind to know it’s close. But ensure that the ring fits perfectly on your right-hand finger as it does on your left. Otherwise, you will lose it.

Leave the ring in a secure place
Leaving the ring at home in a safe place is also a great idea. The only downside is, you won’t get the chance to show off both rings during the photo shoot. After the ceremony, you can have the engagement ring and the wedding band soldered together so that you don’t have to leave it behind again.

Keep the ring
This last option appeals to a lot of people when all the other options fail. While having the wedding band come second to your engagement ring is unusual, it’s not that bad. You can always discretely switch the rings after the ceremony. Moreover, if you plan on wearing gloves, you can get one with a perfect slit for your ring—so it won’t bulge under it or damage the fabric or the ring.

All these options are great. However, only choose the one you are most comfortable with. For any inquiries on wedding rings and engagement rings, feel free to contact us.