Do Women Prefer Natural Diamonds Or Lab Grown Diamonds?

Do Women Prefer Natural Diamonds Or Lab Grown Diamonds?

Women’s opinions on lab grown diamonds are changing as the market expands and grows. While lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds are the same both chemically and physically. Though many have preconceived notions that lab grown diamonds are not as valuable as natural diamonds. 

Lab Grown vs Natural Diamonds

Natural diamonds are considered “more valuable” because they take billions of years to be created. This leads to the idea that a natural diamond is better and more meaningful than a lab grown diamond because “diamonds are forever.” 

Since both diamonds are chemically and physically the same, there technically isn’t a “better” diamond. However, there are some that get “disappointed” that their diamond is not a real diamond and is lab grown instead. 

Changing Ideas Towards Lab Grown

Women are starting to change their opinion and become more apathetic towards lab grown diamonds. Many are saying that they would rather focus on their partner and finding the right partner and not worry about what the ring is made of. Other women are saying that they would rather focus on all of the other finances that come with a marriage instead of worrying about the diamond. 

Many women are also valuing their time with their partner more instead of being so heavily focused on the diamond itself. They’re saying that the idea of the mined diamonds is an illusion since the idea is that they’re “rare.” That illusion makes them more appealing. 

Lastly, some women are saying that it is just best to get the ring that looks the best to you and your partner. It's more important for the ring style to make your partner happy than what the ring is actually made of.  

Ethics Play a Big Role

Since there is a lot more knowledge about lab grown diamonds, many are changing their opinions. Others are simply looking for a more cost effective and ethically sourced diamond instead of the traditional, expensive kinds. 

With the culture also moving towards everything being more ethically sourced, it only makes sense for diamonds to trend in the same pattern. Items like clothes, meats, and coffees are all finding “more ethical” ways of being produced. Lab grown diamonds fit perfectly into this category. Lab grown cuts out mining them and destroying the environment in the process. 


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