Do Mens And Womens Wedding Bands Have To Match?

Do Mens And Womens Wedding Bands Have To Match?

There is nothing quite as perfect as the joining of two unique individuals in marriage. Now that the two will become one, is it necessary for the wedding bands to match? Tradition may say yes, but the choice is entirely yours.

Keeping with tradition
Traditionally, matching wedding bands signify the unity of two hearts becoming one in marriage. The outward expression of inward unity through matching wedding bands has long been the custom. If tradition is important to you, matching wedding bands is a perfect way to show the world your similar tastes and how you are perfect for one another.

Express yourself
One of the great things about finding your perfect partner is knowing you can be yourself and be fully accepted just as you are. For some couples, that means breaking with tradition and expressing their individuality through their wedding bands. The band itself is a symbol of eternity. The style is symbolic of you as a unique half of this union. Having the freedom to choose a wedding band that uniquely expresses your individualism while still showing your commitment to your spouse may be a better choice for you.

Meet in the middle
If you and your spouse are torn between tradition and self-expression, there may be a middle ground. A custom set may be the perfect solution. Choosing bands with matching metals but different styles, or matching styles but different metals, can represent both unity and individualism. A designer can help find the perfect complementary or contrasting solution.

Regardless of what you choose, you will likely wear your wedding bands every day – working together to find wedding bands that complement or contrast can be one of many first steps towards growing as a couple. Acredo Rings is committed to helping you decide what is right for both of you as individuals and as a couple. Schedule an appointment to review all of your options as you begin your new life together.