Do Lesbian Couples Both Wear Engagement Rings?

Do Lesbian Couples Both Wear Engagement Rings?

Every lesbian couple is unique, so it depends on the couple. Looking forward to 2022, know that lesbian couples can wear whatever engagement jewelry they wish!

We used to follow strict social rules about engagement rings and bridal jewelry. Those rules are now obsolete. A lesbian couple can wear whatever they wish for engagement jewelry. The Acredo team of jewelers in Denver is here to help you decide which ring options will work best for your unique partnership.

We'll describe the most common options, but remember this decision is totally up to you! We're only here to present your choices.

What Are The Most Popular Options For Engagement Rings for Lesbians?

The three most common choices for engagement rings for lesbians are:

  • A single traditional diamond solitaire engagement ring, to be worn by one woman — usually the one who accepted the marriage proposal.
  • Two complete feminine bridal sets, one for each traditional lady. These include a conventional diamond solitaire and a second wedding band.
  • Two gender-neutral bands, like traditional wedding bands with a few channel set stones, to signal your down-to-earth commitment to one another.

Remember, you both deserve to have the engagement ring of your dreams! Whether you're dazzled by an enormous, sparkling rock or a simple band is your personal choice.

Why Many Unique Couples Prefer a Ring from Acredo

If sustainability is your concern, a diamond engagement ring or bridal set from Acredo is your best option. Diamond mining is a dirty, dangerous process that scars the earth. Earth-mined stones that come from Africa's jungles fund terrorist activity and cause deforestation. 

Plus, if two complete bridal sets seem expensive, Acredo's lab-grown stones are always more affordable. 

With Acredo, You Can Both Wear the Ring of Your Dreams

You can begin your ring-shopping experience together in-store or online with us. Enjoy spending this special time together as you explore all the various stones and settings we can offer. See how gorgeous and affordable our engagement rings are! You can both wear the ring you deserve. 

Then contact us to set an appointment or order your perfect rings online.