Do Lab Grown Diamonds Get Cloudy?

Do Lab Grown Diamonds Get Cloudy?

Lab grown diamonds can only get cloudy with time if the quality of the diamond is low. Lab grown diamonds will eventually fade over time, especially if they are overexposed to UV light. The main issue is that this is only the case in low quality diamonds, which is rare. 

Why Lab Grown Diamonds Won’t Fade

Lab grown diamonds are grown in the exact same way that natural diamonds are made. Natural diamonds are grown over the course of billions of years through intense heat and pressure. Labs attempt to recreate this process with extreme amounts of energy in HPHT devices. Carbon is placed inside the chamber and under high heat and pressure and then over the course of 6 to 10 weeks is grown into a full diamond. 

Although the process is made in a lab, these grown diamonds have the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds. This is why a lab grown diamond won’t fade. 

Lab grown diamonds can also be grown with the Chemical Vapor Deposition method. This is when a mixture of hydrogen and methane gasses are placed into a chamber and the diamond grows on this seed crystal. Diamonds grown with these processes are then resistant to becoming cloudy or fading. 

When Can Lab Grown Diamonds Fade

In rare cases, it has been noted that some lab grown diamonds that are crafted with the CVD method have faded. This is because these diamonds are created at such a low quality, that the color temperature changes under the UV light. The color of the lab grown diamonds were a letter I grade and even saw grades of M or L. 

While this has been reported as happening, it is incredibly rare for it to happen. In extreme cases, these diamonds are exposed to radiation. This causes a significant color change in some diamonds because of this radiation exposure. So, unless the diamond is adequately taken care of, sunlight will make your lab grown diamond appear cloudy. 


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