Do Gay Men Wear Engagement Rings?

Do Gay Men Wear Engagement Rings?

Why not? I mean, love is love. Jewelry choices should not be gendered. The idea that a specific gender should wear engagement rings is just ridiculous. Everyone deserves a massive diamond ring for their engagement. Imagine a beautiful solitaire hanging out of your ring finger! Everyone should enjoy simple life pleasures like that.

Engagement rings and wedding bands are a tradition that should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their gender. Rings are a wholesome symbol of belonging despite being a traditional form of expressing commitment to one another.

What To Consider When Choosing Your Rings

Long gone are the days when only women wore engagement rings. Men can rock that bling too. You have the freedom to create your traditions as a same-sex couple. Below are tips to help you when choosing the perfect ring for your partner:

Match Or Not To Match

Sounds cliche, but if you are a perfectly matched pair, you may want to have identical rings that will represent your oneness. It will be a symbol of your perfect union and total dedication to one another.

However, you have the freedom to deviate a little. You can have identical rings but with different widths, materials and ends. A slight variation will help to showcase the flair that you possess besides depicting your individuality. You don't have to sacrifice your style so that you can prove your undying love.


You have limitless options and choices when it comes to the style of ring you want. The perfect jeweler will have a variety of styles for you to savor. Browse some styles here.


Here, you have a wide array of materials that will compliment your style effortlessly. Your jeweler will help you choose the perfect material that will last you a lifetime. Your taste and lifestyle will be the main factors to help you choose the best material. Some excellent materials for a perfect ring are:

  • Gold- this is the most common yet timeless and valuable material that's suited for everyday wear.
  • Silver- this is also a versatile choice.
  • Titanium- this is a contemporary metal that is strong, lightweight, and scratch-resistant.

There are so many options of materials to choose from and once you've identified your perfect style, consider Acredo for your perfect rings. We can make engravings of sentimental messages that will make the rings truly unique. Contact us here.