Diamond Color vs Clarity

Diamond Color vs Clarity

If you want a perfect diamond, go for the highest color, clarity, cut, and carat scores. These are also the most expensive and rare, so, you may want to pay attention to color and clarity to save on costs. Choosing between color and clarity is hard, and the trade-offs may seem negligible.  

In this post, we'll help you demystify diamond color and diamond clarity. Read on!

What is Diamond Color?

Diamond color refers to the presence or absence of color. The Gemological Institute of America ranks diamond colors from D to Z. 

  • Colorless- D-F
  • Near colorless- G-F
  • Yellow- J-Z

Grade D is the purest diamond, while Z ranks lowest because of impurities. Why does the color rank matter? It influences the fire and the spark of a diamond. A colorless diamond sparkles more than a colored diamond, making it more valuable.

What is Diamond Clarity?

Diamond clarity refers to the absence of blemishes and inclusions. Blemishes show on the surface, while inclusions appear within the diamond.

Inclusions occur due to heat and pressure as the diamond forms and are not visible using bare eyes. Too many inclusions lower the quality of a diamond. Blemishes are also undesirable on a diamond and result from mishandling when cutting or polishing.

While assessing clarity, you should consider:

  • Diamond Shape- Diamonds with rectangular facets allow you to see deep into the stone and may expose inclusions. Other shapes such as oval, pear, round, princess, heart, and marquise reflect light from many angles and don't need high clarity.
  • Diamond Size- Large diamonds have prominent facets and can make inclusions visible.

Which Is More Important: Color or Clarity?

When choosing between color and clarity, here are two questions that should guide you.

  • What shape do you want?
  • Does your shape conceal inclusions?

If you choose a shape that hides imperfections, your priority should be color over clarity. We recommend selecting clarity over color if your preferred shape does not hide flaws.

Final Thoughts

Color and clarity influence the appearance of a diamond. The highest-grade diamond has clarity and is colorless. It's also pretty expensive. If you're on a budget, the shape of your diamond should guide you on whether to prioritize color or clarity.

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