Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Chris Pratt popped the question to Katherine Schwarzenegger earlier this year, announcing their engagement on Instagram with this adorable photo:

Naturally, we here at acredo rings love celebrity engagement rings, so we wanted to know as much as possible about the piece itself. Luckily, we’ve seen better photos in the meantime, so we’ve been able to learn a few things about this gorgeous piece.

All About the Stone

Some wedding rings are focused on ornate bands or colorful stones that surround the main diamond, but Katherine’s is all about the center stone. Schwarzenegger hasn’t posted a close-up photo of the ring, but it looks like an oval cut to us.

Oval cut diamonds date back to the 18th century, though they weren’t referred to as “ovals” until the late 19th century. Until the last hundred years or so, diamonds were simply cut into whatever shape best fit the natural shape of the crystal. But with modern technology, today’s oval cuts are brighter and more brilliant than ever.

Like many precious gemstones in history, some of the most famous oval cut stones are riddled with tales of curses and secrecy. Probably the most famous oval cut diamond is the 105-carat Koh-i-Noor, which is said to bring bad luck to anyone who wears it unless the wearer is a queen. It’s no secret, though, that oval cut diamonds are gorgeous and can be the centerpiece of an incredible ring.

Round stones are giving way in recent years to more interesting shapes like pear cuts, oval cuts, and cushion cut diamonds, so we know that Chris Pratt’s jewelry tastes are exactly on-trend!

From the appearance of the ring in photos, we can see that the metal is a bright silver color, so it’s either white gold or platinum. Considering that Chris Pratt just finished starring in one of the top-grossing movies of all time, we can probably assume that the Star-Lord sprung for a platinum setting.

What about the stone itself? We don’t know exactly how big it is, but there are a few photos that show the stone to be roughly five carats, with extremely high clarity and excellent color as well. Rumor has it, Pratt spent somewhere around $350,000 on the ring.

In June, Pratt and Schwarzenegger tied the knot, and Katherine was soon seen sporting her wedding band alongside her engagement ring. It’s a thin, matching platinum band set with small diamonds that goes alongside the engagement ring perfectly.

What We Think of the Wedding Band

Katherine Schwarzenegger’s wedding band was absolutely stunning and complemented her engagement ring wonderfully. The wedding band is not just a symbol of the love shared between two people — it also reminds the wearer that their love has no beginning and no end, just like the band. Chris did a wonderful job picking out this piece of jewelry because the simplicity of the band matches perfectly with Katherine’s engagement ring, but the wedding band is not so flashy that it takes attention away from the engagement ring.

The band has the perfect amount of sparkle, and Katherine can wear it with her engagement ring to make a statement, or wear it alone when traveling or engaging in activities that would be too rough on her engagement ring.

Designing Your Perfectly Unique Ring Combination

When thinking about which wedding band will be perfect for your partner, it’s best to consider a few important elements before making a final decision. Consider the engagement ring, if applicable. If the engagement ring has a band that is very intricate or is set with a lot of diamonds, like Katherine’s, having a more simple wedding band can make the jewelry set look very balanced.

A set of rings like Pratt and Schwarzenegger’s is easy to create for yourself, even if the stone might be a bit smaller. Simple, elegant, solitaire settings and wedding bands with inlaid diamonds are a tasteful addition to any bride’s look.

If the engagement ring is simple, however, a more intricate wedding band may look more appropriate. The most important aspect of the jewelry is the wearer, so be sure to consider the person receiving the wedding band. It’s apparent that Chris took all of this into consideration before deciding on a wedding band for Katherine to wear forever.