Can You Remove A Halo From A Ring?

Can You Remove A Halo From A Ring?

Sometimes, yes. It's possible to hire a jeweler to remove the diamond halo from a diamond ring. But you should never try to do it yourself!

The process is very labor-intensive and very costly. Once the diamond halo is removed, you might find yourself with a diamond ring that looks much different from the one you imagined. And in the worst cases, the ring might be crushed, destroyed or too mangled to enjoy. It depends on the setting and the skill of the jeweler.

This article will explore what halos are, how they're used, and a little about the removal process. As always, you can reach out to the professional jewelers at Acredo to learn more. 

What Are Halos On A Diamond Ring?

A halo is a ring of tiny stones — usually diamonds — set around the primary stone in an engagement ring or bridal set.

They're used to:

  • Boost the visible "footprint" of a diamond ring, and make a small stone look more impressive
  • Increase the carat weight of a diamond ring, therefore increasing the value and price
  • Highlight an unusual stone
  • And add more sparkle to your ring

Jewelry manufacturers can also use a halo to hide imperfections on a lower-quality diamond. 

Can You Remove A Halo From A Ring?

Again, don't try this at home. A skilled jeweler might be able to remove the halo with their professional tools. You'll need to set an appointment and bring your ring to a consultation. The jeweler will examine your ring and tell you if removal is a possibility. 

Why Do People Remove Halos From Rings?

Some people prefer a single diamond solitaire for their engagement ring. Others (mistakenly) think they'll be able to get some money selling small diamonds and precious metals.

But in reality, the diamonds and gold used in a halo are minimal. You won't get rich removing the diamond halo from a ring. By the time you pay the jeweler for their work, you won't be making any extra money. 

Sometimes people inherit a diamond ring, and they'd like to update it. In that case, your jeweler might suggest pulling the main stone and resetting it, with or without the halo. Remember, halos can be used to hide imperfections. Sometimes those estate pieces are better left in their original setting. 

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