Can You Propose Without An Engagement Ring?

Can You Propose Without An Engagement Ring?

Maybe you're thinking of proposing before you get a ring because you can't afford it yet. Or maybe you'd rather each partner just have one ring that they each get on the wedding day.

You may be asking yourself, "Can I do this? Should I do this?" 

The answer is yes, you can propose without a ring but if you want to stay with traditions and keep the family happy you should consider purchasing an engagement ring. 

But before you make your decision, here are some things you should know:

What You Should Know Before Proposing Without An Engagement Ring

Not Everyone Is Going To Agree With You

People will probably disagree with you, and they will probably share their opinions with you.

Are you prepared for your relatives to tease you or call you cheap? 

What does your future fiance think about proposing without a ring? If you know they will be upset, maybe you should reconsider proposing without an engagement ring. You want to make sure your partner's expectations are in line with your own.

You should Make It A Private Proposal

When you propose in front of a crowd, you risk hearing their judgment, and some may be surprised that you're proposing without a ring.

In addition, proposing without a ring makes the act more casual. You don't want to build up into a grand proposal with an audience and distort your fiance's expectations.

You Could Propose With Something That's Not An Engagement Ring

Maybe you propose with a "starter ring" with the promise to upgrade later. You'd have the option to propose again with the new ring later.

You could give her a non-ring gift. Think of other pieces of jewelry, such as necklaces or bracelets. Or maybe there's something your fiance needs more, and you'd rather focus your finances on that for the proposal.


The most important thing to consider is your fiance's expectations. This occasion should be about your relationship with each other, not everyone else. But if price is the issue, consider getting in touch with Acredo. We carry the best German quality rings at very affordable prices.