Can You Be Allergic To Rose Gold?

Can You Be Allergic To Rose Gold?

Rose gold is arguably the most popular gem with its pleasant pinkish hue. You can find it on the hottest trends as it makes the most jewelry, right from engagement rings to bracelets. However, there is a slight concern about the tendency for some people to experience allergic reactions when wearing Rose gold products. 

The tendency of high-quality rose gold to have any allergic reaction is extremely rare. But there are a few ingredients that you should consider before you decide to purchase these products. Here, we look at the potential rose gold allergies and how to avoid them. 

What Is Rose Gold?

Rose gold is an amalgam of copper and yellow gold. The copper used gives it a pinkish color. Also, there are various rose gold alloys that contain silver.  

Types Of Rose Gold

Different types of rose gold will feature an array of metals. These include: 

  •   14 karat rose gold contains 58% gold, 32% copper, and 10% silver
  •   18 karat rose gold has 75% gold, 22.5% copper, and 2.75% silver
  •   22 karat rose gold contains 91.667% gold 

Why Does Rose Gold Cause An Allergic Reaction?

Gold allergies are very rare, and therefore, higher gold content means that the product is unlikely to be allergic to a gold alloy. 

Thus, unless an individual poses an extremely rare silver allergy, a copper allergy, or a gold allergy, they may not be allergic to rose gold. The main reason being, it has no nickel. 

Nonetheless, these metals may have impurities, and rose gold also passes through a casting process. The process may lead to slight traces of nickels attaching to your rose gold. In this case, it will cause allergic reactions. Rose gold itself poses no allergic reactions, but a contaminated one with traces of nickels is allergic. 

How To Avoid Purchasing Allergic Rose Gold Jewelry  

The best way to ensure your rose gold product will not present allergic reactions is to shop with reputable sellers. They sell the best product with a guarantee that the rose gold jewelry has no possibility of nickel contamination during its manufacturing. 

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